Griselda Sicialini’s reaction when Flor Peña asked her about Luciano Castro

The actress insulted the host of Team Flower

Griselda Sicialini was invited to team flowerthe program hosted by Florence Pena on the Telefe screen. On this occasion, the actress talked about her return to the theater on February 18 with her own show Pure blood at the Multitabarís theater. and was accompanied by Jorgelina Aruzzi, responsible for the direction of the work.

During the talk, Aruzzi also made reference to his participation in fiction the first of us, where he had as a partner Luciano Castro. “I adore Luciano,” said the actress about her relationship with the actor who is also part of the production that will premiere very soon on Telefe.

The driver took the opportunity to make a comment to Griselda that made her feel uncomfortable. “Luciano. What character!”, he assured ironically and exchanged complicit glances with Sciliani. While she laughed and her classmates did not understand what had happened, an insult from Griselda was heard in the background: “For stupid”.

It should be remembered that in 2017 the protagonist of Pure blood had revealed to Susana Gimenez who had an affair with Lucian Castro. At that time the actor was in a relationship with Sabrina Rojaswho was very angry with the actress for revealing this story that had already been left in the past.

Sabrina had been angry with Griselda for whitewashing her affair with Luciano
Sabrina had been angry with Griselda for whitewashing her affair with Luciano

In dialogue with the cycle Hold on Catalinathe model had expressed her discomfort at these statements: “I’m not amused when they say it. What need to say it after so long?! Just as men are asked to be a gentleman, women do the same”. Later, she added: “Griselda is not a mediatic, but she is a woman who generates news. Was it necessary to say that she did? If you don’t want anything to be generated, you can evade the response. I’m not telling you to lie… But they are things that are generated without evil. It’s still good not to say some things.”

Last year, Sabrina and Luciano decided end their relationship of more than a decade on good terms. “We split up as a couple, not as a family”, the actress announced when confirming their breakup. Both decided to maintain an excellent bond for the well-being of their two children, Esmeralda and Faust. And not many months passed until each rebuilt their love life.

On the one hand, the actress was encouraged to give love a new chance at the hands of Tucu Lopez. Quickly Both became one of the most popular couples, since they share some moments of their intimacy with their followers on social networks every day. And in this 2022 they debuted as a duo of drivers at the head of matcheda program of America which is broadcast on Sundays from 7:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.


On the other hand, Castro got engaged to vine flower. They met training in a gym and are also very much in love on social media. They recently surprised their followers by playing the legendary duo of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee for a while. The singer published some very sensual photos with her boyfriend and wrote on Instagram: “️We found out that a new series about the video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee was released, so with Luciano we made some photos inspired by this emblematic couple that gave a lot to talk about . The viralization of this content was something rare, it did not happen at that time. In addition, it was much more complex to be able to access to see it, the internet had just started!”.



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Griselda Sicialini’s reaction when Flor Peña asked her about Luciano Castro