Gussy Lau. Ángela Aguilar suggests that she has been betrayed by her supposed boyfriend

A few days ago a series of photographs began to circulate in which the singer Ángela Aguilar It appeared passionately kissing a man whose identity was soon revealed. It was the music producer Gussy Lau, a man 15 years older than her and who has worked in the past for her family.

Lau himself confirmed through Instagram that these images had been obtained from his Instagram Stories, where he had only shared them with the “best friends” list, and clarified that his relationship with Angela was very recent. Now the 18-year-old girl has broken her silence on that same social network to affirm that she feels “violated and raped” for the dissemination without your consent of material with which you say you do not “agree”.

It hurts me to trust a person that I should not have trusted and to have been disappointed by a person that I never thought in my life.… It hurts me to work so much from such a young age so that something like this affected him so much”, he has stated in a video that he admits that he would never imagine that he would end up recording.

Although at no time has he mentioned names, everything indicates that he is referring to Lau himself because he repeats on several occasions that he has suffered betrayal and compares himself to other women who have been victims of the leaking of photos or videos of an intimate nature. “Although I did not agree, I put myself in that position. It was wrong of me. That was my mistake“, has admitted.

The artist insists that the whole situation goes far beyond the publication of a few simple snapshots that cannot even be considered explicit because, in reality, it is an invasion of your privacy and your right to decide how much of your private life you want to share. It has also hurt her to be involved in a scandal when her parents raised her to stay away from them.

I believe that my grandmother, my lineage, my last name, do not deserve this. Me neither“, the Mint.

For this reason, Ángela has decided to take a break to evaluate the decisions she has made in recent times and decide how she will proceed from now on. “I’m going back to the origin. I’m going back to my parents. I never left, but I’m going to be cuddled by my parents and the people who take care of me because right now I am in a situation where I feel very sad and vulnerable”

The age difference between Ángela and Gussy Lau has caused quite a stir, especially since she is part of one of the most important dynasties in regional Mexican music and until now her public image corresponded more to that of a teenage star than with that of an adult woman.

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Gussy Lau. Ángela Aguilar suggests that she has been betrayed by her supposed boyfriend