Henry Cavill: 22 photos that prove why he is the most attractive man in the world

    There are actors like Bradley Cooper and its retro style twist that, although it has taken them some time, they usually wear it even in its last consequences like the occasional red carpet. For others like Timothée Chalamet, the style own is, simply, to dare with everything and have fun as a fundamental motto. Everything an art, that of dressing when you know that millions of people from all over the world are looking at you, difficult to achieve and that requires years of practice. A good example can be found in actors who, after a certain journey, reach world fame thanks to becoming a prestigious member of some marvel series.

    This is what happened to henry cavill who, it is not that he was unknown when he came to Superman, but thanks to this character his world fame definitely exploded. then came The Witcher and his spectacular physical transformation. Throughout these years it is not that Henry Cavill has drastically changed his style, but he has shown us that he is probably the most attractive man in the world.

    Something that can be corroborated with a simple check: is there something wrong with Henry Cavill? If the answer is no, it is confirmed: he is the most attractive man in the world. In case there are any doubts, here we have 20 photos to prove it. Throughout these years of fame, we have seen him with a mustache, an unkempt beard, a Superman toupee, a leather jacket, a sweatshirt, a classic suit jacket and a cap and, so far, nothing that the protagonist of The Witcher cannot stand. However, it must be made clear that Henry Cavill’s style transformations haven’t been the craziest ever star system like that of other stars much more fond of surprising you with incredible changes, read Jared Leto or Zac Efron.

    The one who was Superman maintains certain master lines, such as the taste for classic garments, not very strident colors and the commitment to classic outfits for the most important appointments. After all, knowing what looks good on you and what brings out the best in you is key to succeeding with your style, and Henry Cavill has certainly done just that. Here are the photos that prove it.

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Henry Cavill I ‘The Basics’

Among the many star garments in the men’s wardrobe, the black polo shirt is the king. That is why we have decided to nickname the actor with this nickname. In the images that you will find below, you will discover that he uses classic and simple pieces like this black long-sleeved polo shirt like nobody else.

A Vespa wears a lot. Although not as much as driving her dressed in an outfit all black Made up of trousers, a turtleneck sweater and a jacket with a shirt collar, the style goes from 0 to 100 in tenths of a second. Although this motorcycle does not have much reprises.

Henry Cavill in leather jacket

Henry Cavill is not very fond of wearing these types of jackets. A leather trench coat that the actor should not have. fear because it fits him perfectly.

A few years ago the protagonist of Superman surprised us with a beard with a careless effect that, oh, surprise, also looks great on him.

The mustache, not suitable for all audiences or for all faces. Yes for Henry Cavill who wears it well-stocked, in size XL and accompanied by hair that enhances that rogue roll.

Henry Cavill with jacket

From his UNCLE character, Henry Cavill kept his zip-up jacket. All a success that combines wonderfully with shirt and shoes.

Henry Cavill in plaid shirt

Plaid shirt, with a plus button undone? Also.

Henry Cavill in a checkered jacket

An American in the purest style british, combined with chinos and lace-up shoes. A formula that Henry Cavill also embroiders.

Henry Cavill in a tuxedo

For the most important dates, the actor does not risk it and opts for classic and impeccable formulas such as the tuxedo.

In a white shirt, jeans and a cap, the actor walked (with great success) through the airport.

Henry Cavill in a white sweater

White sweater, gray pants and suede ankle boots. A perfect look in which the Watch It is the detail that makes the difference.

Henry Cavill in tight sweater

The actor can afford to wear one of those sweaters that mark every line of your body.

Henry Cavill with long hair

Although we are used to seeing Henry Cavill with short hair, the actor has taken it longer and curlier and it suits him just as well.

Well-fitting jeans and a completely unbuttoned polo shirt. A formula that the actor also embroiders.

In a much more rogue facet we have had the opportunity to see Henry Cavill on some occasion like this with his bow tie unbuttoned and his hair shaved.

Henry Cavill with hat

How would the raffia hat look on Henry Cavill? Would he be okay? Here the answer.

Henry Cavill with sweatshirt

His continuous steps through the airport leave us the most informal looks of Henry Cavill. Here with a hoodie, jeans and the most stylish travel bag on the planet.

Henry Cavill in a white suit

The full white suit is one of the most difficult tests that the actor also passes with flying colours.

Henry Cavill in a double breasted suit

If there is something that the actor likes, it is classic-cut garments with a dandy touch, like this pinstripe suit with a double-breasted blazer.

Although the actor looks good even the platinum hair of his character in The Witcherthis classic haircut with a subtle pompadour is undoubtedly his star cut.

Henry Cavill in turtleneck

Of course, Henry Cavill embroiders the trend of the turtleneck sweater like no other.

Henry Cavill with sunglasses

All black and classic designer sunglasses, what can go wrong? In the case of Henry Cavill, nothing.

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Henry Cavill: 22 photos that prove why he is the most attractive man in the world