Henry of England, on his meeting with Elizabeth II a year later: “I wanted to make sure she was protected”

When a member of a royal family opens his mouth to the press, the chances of mistakes, mistakes, blunders or misunderstandings are many. Among others, due to the lack of custom, because the expectation is great and because words are limited in space and time, with no possibility of reply in the most sensitive issues. Hence, what was said now by Henry of England two years after leaving the Windsors and after meeting Elizabeth II for the first time in many months has caused curiosity but also, of course, controversy.

Elizabeth II turns 96 on April 21, and a week before her anniversary she received one of the best gifts someone who has everything can get: a visit from her grandson, Enrique, after almost a year without seeing each other. The youngest son of Prince Charles and his wife, Meghan Markle, made the decision two years ago to step aside and leave the British royal family. In this time, and with a pandemic through, the young man had only returned to his homeland on two brief occasions: in April 2021, to attend his grandfather’s funeral, Philip of Edinburgh; and in July of that same year, to unveil a statue in honor of his mother, the late Diana of Wales. But on April 13, Enrique and —for the first time in two years— his wife arrived in the UK in an approach visit that has caused a huge stir.

The point is that the prince and the former actress arrived in London for no other reason than to make a family visit, and that is precisely the novelty. And also talk about it. Both made a stopover in the British country taking advantage of their assistance in the 2020 Invictus Games, being held in The Hague (The Netherlands). And there they visited Elizabeth II and Prince Charles. However, until now they had not wanted to comment on it. Now, Enrique has granted an exclusive interview to the television program TodayShow, of the American network NBC, on Wednesday morning, in which he spoke about how he found the sovereign.

“How did it feel to be back? How was it being with her? asks journalist Hoda Kotb to the prince, in reference to Elizabeth II. “Be with her?” he muses, giving himself some time to answer. “It was awesome. It was great to see her. You know, she’s in top form. She has always had a great sense of humor with me. And I wanted to make sure that she is, you know, protected from her, and that she has the right people around her, ”says the younger brother of William of England. The interviewer asks if she has made the monarch laugh again, as she usually does. “Yes, I did,” he smiles, amused. “Both Meghan and I, both,” he clarifies later. “It was fantastic to reconnect with her. And well, home for me is, right now, in the United States. And that’s how I feel. We have been welcomed with open arms and we have a wonderful community in Santa Barbara. [California]”, he assures about his new life far from London and centered in the luxurious town of Montecitohaven for the rich and famous an hour and a half from Los Angeles.

There are those who see a certain nonsense in Enrique’s words and call them unfortunate, wondering why precisely he, who two years ago decided to put aside his work and his family, has had to go to the United Kingdom to check, to make sure, that her grandmother is “protected”. The question of whether he has the right people around him would also be an affront to his brother, Guillermo, and his father, Carlos, whom the British press assumes they have also seen on this trip.

The visit is the first known of the couple to the United Kingdom, since Markle had not set foot in the country in the last 25 months, at least publicly. In any case, no images of it have emerged, which occurred at Windsor Castle. The dukes stayed in nearby Frogmore Cottagewhich they restored with great luxury three years ago and which was going to become their residence, but in which they have finally settled her cousin, Eugenie of York. If they are seen portrayed with the monarch again, it would be in June, at the celebration of Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, but her presence has not been confirmed. In fact, he himself explained in the interview that he “still” does not know if she will attend. “There are a lot of things, with security issues and all that. So I’m trying, trying to make it possible for me to bring my kids to meet her.”

The pandemic and family estrangement, in addition to the quarrels about who should bear the costs of their security —which have even taken him before the courts, to settle the dispute against the Ministry of the Interior—, they have kept Enrique separated from his family. Now the couple seems to have made a peace offering to their family with this visit to the queen, although the prince’s words, as has happened with more of his interviews, cloud what has been achieved.

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Henry of England, on his meeting with Elizabeth II a year later: “I wanted to make sure she was protected”