Horacio Pancheri reacts to the upcoming wedding of his ex Marimar Vega

Horacio Pancheri was honest about his relationship with his ex-partner Marimar Vega and gave his opinion about the actress’s upcoming wedding. The actors ended their romance in early 2021, but his heart soon recovered, because that same year both made their new relationships official.

Marimar Vega will marry the cinematographer Jerónimo Rodríguez, whom she met during the recordings of the series ‘The Game of the Keys’. Recently, details about the actress’s relationship were leaked and her ex Horacio Pancheri gave his opinion about it.

“Marimar is getting married. I am very happy for her, I wish her the best always; so, well, I hope that this new path for her is happy and whatever she is looking for she finds it,” Pancheri told the “Ventaneando” program.

Marimar Vega and Horacio Pancheri remained as friends after separating

On January 27, 2021, Marimar Vega confirmed that her relationship with the Argentine ended. It has been more than a year since her separation and now that their lives have taken different directions, Pancheri only has positive thoughts for the one who was her girlfriend for a year. “I’m always going to wish him the best,” added the “Overcome the Past” actor.

Although it was speculated that they had not been on good terms, Pancheri says that after their breakup they remained friends:

“Yes (we stay as friends); very friends. It didn’t work, well, each one on his own.”

The daughter of the late actor Gonzalo Vega was in charge of making the breakup official through a message on Instagram, in which she stated that she “made the decision to end” with the actor “convinced that it is best to go our separate ways.”

At that time, he also asked for respect to overcome the failed relationship: “Hopefully one day we can live these difficult personal processes without sexist publications that promote and perpetuate the objectification and nullification of women.”

This is what is known about Marimar Vega’s wedding

Show host Alex Kaffie said on the program ‘Sale el sol’ that the actress will arrive at the altar this last weekend of February, in Acapulco.

“Marimar Vega is getting married this Saturday in Acapulco and is getting married in the same hotel where she met the one who married her 1 year ago,” were her words in the morning of Imagen Televisión.

Last weekend, the actress also shared photos from her bachelorette party, in which she was seen enjoying herself with several friends at a pool party.

Horacio Pancheri answers if he has wedding plans with his girlfriend Isa Valero

In mid-February 2021, Horacio Pancheri was seen with his current girlfriend, the ‘influencer’ Isa Valero. The actor was criticized, since not even a month had passed since the breakup with his ex.

The criticism was left behind and the actor now speaks openly about their relationship. At the end of January, he shared with the magazine “Who” that he met his current girlfriend when he was still in a relationship with Marimar Vega, and although they had chemistry since they met, they did not establish contact until the romance with his ex ended.

Before Marimar Vega’s next wedding, the actor answered if he also has wedding plans: “If I get married? No, not yet. We are very happy with Isa, we are getting to know each other, enjoying this beautiful moment,” he clarified. “So nothing, when there is a wedding they will find out. But now calm down. With Issa (I will marry) when the time comes.”

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Horacio Pancheri reacts to the upcoming wedding of his ex Marimar Vega