How can you make a woman feel desirable

How to make your woman feel desirable? After that, the fantasy doesn’t work? Women are actually quite simple creatures.


  1. Come up behind her and put your arms around her and kiss her neck when she cooks. This always works. Even when you’re in a fight.
  2. Suddenly take me to a cafe or restaurant. You don’t need to give anything away. Just sit down without phones and talk.
  3. Go for a walk. Women just need to talk to keep in touch with you, so let her talk and she’ll blossom.
  4. Women like it when a man writes to them a lot (some people deny it, but they just want to appear “different”). You don’t have to write tons of messages every day, but ask questions once or twice a day. Don’t use your imagination, just think about what you want to ask her. Send a text message a couple of times a week like: “I miss you.” Sometimes you can write something that turns you or her on. In General, give the impression that you remember it and are waiting for it.
  5. All women like surprises. If you see something in the store that she might like – buy it and give it to her for no reason.
  6. If she starts whining, then tell her she’s beautiful. Your girlfriend will deny it, of course, but in her heart she will have a holiday. If she is beautifully dressed and made-up, then also Express your admiration aloud. In fact, every time you think “how beautiful she is”, say it out loud.
  7. If you come to a party, you can whisper dirty compliments in her ear. They are very turned on, but it depends on the mood and relationship between you.
  8. And most importantly, touch it. You can stroke your hair in the morning. When you go somewhere and no one sees – stroke your ass. When she is lying down, run your hand over her leg. You can touch and iron everything, but do not overdo it, because it bores them

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