How To Forgive Your Husband’s Infidelity – Tips From A Psychologist

Hello, dear readers! In our article, We will discuss how to forgive your husband’s infidelity. Find out what advice from a psychologist we can use to forgive your husband’s infidelity. And let’s talk about whether it is worth forgiving your man’s infidelities at all.

Cheating on your husband is a crime against your wife or a mistake that can be forgiven?! A family psychologist especially for our article gave some effective tips on how to forgive your husband’s infidelity.

Husband’s infidelity: is it worth forgiving a cheater

Cheating is definitely a bad thing. It is painful for any woman to realize that the beloved husband on whom she spends her life has easily exchanged her for another. The one who didn’t lift a finger for him. Treason is a spitting image in the soul of the wife.

And there are a lot of excuses for cheating men. And that his nature is polygamous, and that he does not understand anything at the moment of arousal, and even that infidelity is necessary to maintain potency. Men without honor justify other men without honor.

There are, of course, situations when treason is a mistake. Indeed, the circumstances had developed, and the man had no choice. Or maybe he really wasn’t thinking straight. For example, he was drunk. Or the woman who seduces him has animal sexuality that a man simply cannot resist.

But the error due to which a man cheated is different from chronic infidelity in terms of quantity. A mistake happens once. And cheating on a regular basis. If the husband had a mistress for two years, then said that it was a mistake – he is lying. He had cheated on his wife for years, knowing it all. Even enjoying the fact that he is James bond – after all, he turns as many as two women.

Infidelity, which should be clearly forgiven – the one in which the husband confessed. He is ashamed and afraid of losing his wife, and he goes to apologize. 99 out of 100 that he will never change again. And if infidelities drag on for years, mistresses change, and the husband becomes more entangled in lies – think a hundred times whether it is worth forgiving him.

First of all, when a woman finds out about her husband’s infidelity, she wants to send him away. And this is 30% correct. And then the deceived wife figures that he should be forgiven, because:

  • Children will be left without a father
  • It is a shame to admit to parents that as a woman her husband does not appreciate her
  • I’m afraid to be alone for the rest of my life
  • The financial situation will be shaken, especially if the wife did not work
  • It used to be good, so it will continue to be so
  • We need to save our family, because it is the right thing to do

And here you need to stop and think. As psychologists say, fear is born out of the unknown. But in fact, since the husband is a traitor, the most terrible thing has already happened.

Rather than look immediately for ways to forgive your husband’s infidelity, consider the unpleasant truth. Rather than live with a liar and traitor who can also bring some venereal infection to Your bed, it is better to be alone. A bad marriage is not worth saving. And here’s another fly in the ointment.

A cheater is a coward and a liar, and children don’t need such a father. They will grow up just as unprincipled. They will not respect their parents and will not be able to create a strong family later. Ask any psychologist, read any scientific literature. Children grow up as adults raise them.

The opinion of parents or friends? I don’t care! Because not they, but You will then treat sexual diseases that the husband can bring from other women. They will not swallow their tears when your husband mistakes Your name and that of your mistress during sex. You decide what’s best for You.

You can stay alone these days if you never leave the house. Besides an unfaithful husband, there are four billion other men on the planet. Of these, at least 45% are correct. Statistics will not lie.

The money that my husband brought will no longer be there. Do you need them? You can do it on your own, just like millions of other women. And if you were married and stayed at home –this is a minus for You. While outside the apartment is bustling with life, You wither over the stove! The work will introduce You to new people, give you impressions and goals in life.

The hope that he is good, just difficult for him – will not be justified. He was aware of everything when he cheated. He needs you as a backup airfield, not as a woman.

When a wife is looking for advice on how to forgive her husband’s infidelity in order to save the family, it means that she is not a very far-sighted person. Your husband has turned You into a housekeeper and is having fun with others. Save your family? Is this a family?!

How to forgive your husband’s infidelity: advice from a psychologist

Let’s say You’ve weighed the pros and cons. And we decided that we need to compete for this particular man. To forgive infidelity and live with it as before is still difficult. Therefore, You need advice from a psychologist on how to forgive cheating on your husband. And here they are!

How many Pros and Cons are there»

Take a piece of paper, a pen, and write everything that You are ready to wring your husband’s neck for. And next to it. In a column, write what You live for with him. For what you love, what you value, what you respect. Talk to your husband about the time before he cheated on You. After a couple of hours, You will feel: for the sake of happiness, which your husband is able to fry You, You are ready to forgive him.

Support group

Everything is known by comparison. Here is how you can forgive your husband after infidelity – this is to go to a support group for divorced women. Or visit their forum. Advice from a psychologist in this case-listen to why other couples have divorced. What other husbands did at home.

And then You will realize that You are still very lucky to find an ordinary cheater and not a monster. And your husband’s infidelity will no longer seem such big trouble to You.

Conversation with my husband

The fact is that talking to your husband face-to-face is not always a good idea. You will be overwhelmed with emotions, you will most likely cry or beat the unfaithful spouse. And you need to listen to it.

Ask him or Your mutual friend to talk to your husband. Let another person, whom the husband trusts, ask about the reasons for infidelity. And let him record the answer on a dictaphone. Or find a room where You will sit next to her and hear everything, but your husband Will not see you. Then the answers will be Frank.

Prepare for the fact that your husband will criticize You in a cruel way. But you will learn the reasons for his infidelity, the main of which is most likely You. And You will see yourself through his eyes. And you will understand that he is not completely happy. Especially if you’ve stopped taking care of Yourself or become fat. Looking into his soul in this way, You will find it easier to forgive your husband for infidelity.

How to forgive your husband for infidelity: conclusions

Before you forgive your husband for infidelity, think about whether it is worth it at all. If so, try one of the most effective methods offered for our article by a family psychologist who has been helping to keep families together for more than 12 years.

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