How was the agreement between Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero for their daughters to be in the final of Masterchef Celebrity

Fabian Cubero took Nicole Neumann’s daughters to support Mica Viciconte (Video: “Masterchef Celebrity 3”, Telefe)

“Introduce us to your family…”invited Santiago del Moro a Mica Viciconte at the end of Master Chef Celebrity 3whose definition will be seen tonight on the Telefe screen. Immediately, the influencer – who competes for the first position with the actor Thomas Fonz– stood next to Fabian Cubero and two of the daughters that the former soccer player had with nicole neumann. “Well, my partner, you know him, and my stepdaughters would be…”, he said about Allegra Y Sienna, who were in front of the camera. According to the participant, Indiana -the oldest- was supporting her from behind the camera. “more embarrassed”, he explained.

The driver assured that the young woman, if she wanted, could sit on the island behind and watch her cook, without intervening on camera, but Mica added: “Let her do what she feels.” Then Del Moro went to the daughters of Nicole and Cubero and asked about her relationship with her father’s current partner, who is also pregnant, awaiting the birth of Luke.

“She is good and affectionate when she wants…”, Allegra replied, drawing laughter from everyone in the studio. “They must still love her a lot to be accompanying her here tonight,” added the driver and both agreed on her affirmative response.

This Monday, Santiago del Moro told the background of the presence of Indiana, Allegra and Sienna in Master Chef Celebrity and revealed that Nicole Neumann signed a document authorizing her daughters to attend the recording. “The oldest she didn’t want to be because she didn’t want to talk. So at one point I went to look for her”, said the driver in his radio program The Moorish Clubby La 100. And he revealed the conversation he had with the girl when he went to look for her behind the camera: “If you want not to be, don’t be, but if you would like to be with your family, it is, because I’m not going to ask you anything”he promised Indiana.

nicole neumann
nicole neumann

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Later, Santiago del Moro referred to the daughters of Cubero and Neumann as “so divine, so respectful.” And he added the information about the agreement reached by the ex-marriage so that his daughters would be present accompanying Mica Viciconte. “The channel asks for prior authorization from parents. Nicole obviously signed a document for the daughters to be there. Otherwise, you can’t”, detailed the driver.

During Cubero’s intervention in the first broadcast of the final of the gastronomic contest, he assured that he had occupied the role of jury in his house. “I smile more than the jury at home, but I am demanding. I really like the kitchen, I like to cook. And I cook more than her and better than her”, he said and spoke directly to his partner. “It’s a debate we have. I told: “You had to enter Masterchef to beat me in the kitchen.” And he does not want to assume it, there is no way! ”He joked.

Mica was not silent and answered her partner. “I cook better. Fabián is a very nice person, who gets along very easily. It’s like that, funny”. Immediately, Del Moro commented that he had never met a more competitive person than Viciconte, the former Vélez player added: “He has the soul of the athlete. The athlete is competitive, he never wants to lose to anything”. “We get together, we are both the same,” Mica expanded.


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How was the agreement between Nicole Neumann and Fabián Cubero for their daughters to be in the final of Masterchef Celebrity