“I could not have been born”: Carla Giraldo spoke about her adoption and other details of her life

In an interview on Instagram with the presenter of Noticias Caracol Juan Diego Alvira, the actress Carla Giraldo revealed some details about her personal life and delved a little deeper into her adoption.

It is no secret to anyone that the winner of the most recent edition of the reality show MasterChef Colombia is adopted and that her biological parents have never appeared on Giraldo’s radar.

In this interview, she said that she was given up for adoption just an hour after being born and that is all she knows about that day of her birth, but that is not a topic that she would like to delve into.

“I didn’t want to know much more either. I always knew it. In that sense, my parents were always very honest. I have never had cruel people in my life. I never had moments of pain due to the fact that I am a lucky person to have found a family and that warmth of home, ”he said.

As for her biological parents and the woman who gave birth to her, she affirmed that she is grateful to her because in the end she wanted to have her, “because I could not have been born,” she assured.

She also added that it is something she has gotten used to living with and dealing with the issue of abandonment, which has been present in her life on several occasions. “I learned at the point of abandonment. That was my first abandonment, then I leave my house and then I go from side to side, ”she said.

This story of her life has been one of the most talked about, but it has also served to train her as a woman, as a professional and has helped her grow and also assume her role as a mother.

Regarding the presenter’s question about whether he would be interested or has been interested at some point in his life to meet his biological parents, He assured that despite the fact that at some point he wanted it, right now he is not interested.

“Let’s say that there are things that I want to investigate about my life, but beyond why or what happened. I would lie to you if I told you that it has been in my plans to look for her (her mother) or find out. When I have these types of conversations, the light bulb goes on, but then I hang up and forget about it, ”she said.

Likewise, she added that she has never been contacted by her biological parents, despite becoming a Colombian celebrity and was also separated from her adoptive parents, with whom she claimed to have no contact now.

She recounted some details of her life before emancipation and stated that she felt a little used and exploited by her work and the responsibilities that did not allow her to “have a life” and that is why she also wanted to leave that life behind with her parents.

“I did it for myself, I think that one should seek their happiness without going over anyone, but also without letting them go over you,” he explained.

He also assured that the relationship with his parents compared it to a courtshipwhere although there was a lot of love, both parties distanced themselves and the thread that united them was broken, then she felt that this bond was damaged and she got used to it.

Although their relationship was always one of love, their need to keep her working and tied to them was what made them really separate until they broke completely.

Finally, when asked by Alvira about what hurt her the most about that separation from her adoptive parents, she replied: “I feel that that importunism hurt me, that detachment was easy, that ‘if it goes then I don’t care’, that It was what broke me the most,” he said about it.

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“I could not have been born”: Carla Giraldo spoke about her adoption and other details of her life