“I was a hypocrite,” said ‘Luisito Comunica’ after his controversial complaint in Peru

The Mexican content creator Luis Arturo Villar, better known on social networks as “Luisito Comunica” is one of the most important influencers in Latin America, due to his YouTube channel in which he has shown trips around the world that have allowed him to gain millions of followers and great popularity on the Internet.

And although due to his popularity, the Mexican has been in the midst of several controversies, it was noted that in recent days he had unexpected inconveniences, since this time he was in the middle of a controversy over some animals he visited in Peru .

The content creator was portraying his journey through the Inca country, There he traveled to Vista Alegre and Puerto Ángel, where he met a family that had several wild animals as “pets”. Among these was a baby jaguar, which played with the children of the area as if it were any domestic animal. In addition, they also had monkeys and a sloth that rested on a chair in the fireplace.

And although “Luisito” shared the videos on his social networks to express his surprise and curiosity with this Peruvian family, many of his followers did not take it the same way and asked him to denounce this family for the conditions in which they had the animals, since it was not a place for them. Given this, the Mexican signed that he had already denounced the situation.

What the content creator did not expect is that many of his followers would criticize him for having made the complaint against the family. Because for many he was a “traitor” for having disappointed the trust that these people had given him to film the way they lived, because now, thanks to his video and his complaint, this family would have problems with the police.

Given this, the Mexican used his Instagram stories to clarify to Internet users that he had not actually spoken to the authorities, but had contacted organizations that protect animals.

“I went to animal care organizations that, at most, if anything is done, will go after the animals and tell people: ‘Don’t sell jaguar heads to tourists because that’s wrong'”said the renowned youtuber.

But he also accepted that I was handling the situation in the wrong way and later he understood it: “It was not entirely right that I tried to intervene in the way of life of the communities, because for them, as you say, it is completely normal to cut off the heads of jaguars to sell them”, said ‘Luisito’.

Later, he said that He felt “a hypocrite” and a “double face”, since, despite looking for a way to denounce this type of situation with animals, he eats meat.

Therefore, he stated that this is a “very complex” situation since for many people the correct thing was to denounce the family and protect the animals, while for others it was more important to respect the way certain communities live and not betray the trust they placed in him.

In Peru, authorities recommend not to breed this type of animals, among which monkeys, squirrels, iguanas, among others, stood out, in addition to their sale and marketing being completely prohibited.

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“I was a hypocrite,” said ‘Luisito Comunica’ after his controversial complaint in Peru