“If I look back, I am a walking miracle”: Jada Pinkett Smith confessed to having been addicted to sex and alcohol

Since the scandal at the Oscars, held on March 27, where Will Smith hit Chris Rock, the relationship between the artist and Jada Pinkett Smith has been surrounded by speculation. Now statements that the artist has made on her program have been recalled Red Table Talk about his past and love life.

Rumors about the couple have increased after Jada Pinkett showed her dissatisfaction with Will Smith’s reaction at the Oscars, after Chris Rock made a joke in reference to the actress’s alopecia. He first issued a message saying that “This is a time of healing. And I am here for that”, then she stated that she is a strong woman and she does not need anyone to defend her.

Jada and Will married in 1997 and have been one of the most transparent couples with their followers. In the program Red Table Talk, which is broadcast on Facebook, have recounted the crises in their marriageconfessed that they do not have a monogamous bond and that they have had sexual relations with other people, according to Infobae.

In said program Jada Pinkett has also talked about what her family life was like before marrying Will. The actress commented that she grew up under the care of her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, for more than two decades.

her mother’s past

On one occasion, Adrienne commented that she was raped by her husband, Robsol Pinkett Jr., Jada’s father, who died of an overdose in 2010. The actress said that her mother had also been addicted to drugs and suffered domestic abuse. “I knew that my mother and father had a very violent relationship from the beginning. She has a couple of scars on her body that, when she was a child, she was curious about, “Jada recounted on a show in front of her mother and her daughter Willow Smith.

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The adictions

Mother and daughter have addressed the issue of addictions in Red Table Talk. The actress confessed to having been addicted to sex and alcohol during adolescence. “My addiction types jump from one side to the other. When I was younger I believed that she had some kind of sex addiction and that everything could be fixed with that, ”she declared. Besides, he noted that in high school he drank too much and mixed the drink with ecstasy and marijuana.

She also said that she was addicted to pornography at a time when she had decided to practice sexual abstinence. Jada hit rock bottom when she was 20 years old and had decided to commit suicide, but when she arrived in Los Angeles and began to succeed as an actress, she realized that this was not the right response to her past. “I had to let go and accept what life is,” she said.

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The last time he used any substance was when on the set of the crazy professor, 1996 film, she went to work drugged and had taken ecstasy in bad form, for which she passed out on the set. “I told everyone that it must have been an expired medication. It was the last time,” she recounted.

Crises in your marriage

In one of the chapters of Red Table Talk Both Will and Jada have spoken about the crises they’ve had in their marriage. Even the actress confessed that she never wanted to marry the protagonist of the film king richard and that her wedding happened because she accidentally got pregnant.

Will Smith also revealed that some time ago he did something so bad that his wife cried for more than a month. “He would wake up and start crying, he did it for 45 days straight. I know because I wrote it down in a diary,” she noted.

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Despite the crises they have experienced in their marriage, the actors have made it clear that their relationship is very mature and both trust each other. In the program they have broken down many taboos by recognizing, for example, that their marriage works because they allow themselves to talk about everything, even third parties, details Infobae.

“We can both do what we want, because we trust each other. That doesn’t mean we’re in an open relationship, that means we’re in a mature relationship,” Jada said at the time.

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“If I look back, I am a walking miracle”: Jada Pinkett Smith confessed to having been addicted to sex and alcohol