In front of the Brazilian consulate and surrounded by actresses, Thelma Fardin spoke of the annulment of the trial of Juan Darthés: “I was the judge”

Thelma Fardin press conference

“Look how we fight” read the posters posted on Carlos Pellegrini street at the door ofhe Consulate of Brazil where Thelma Fardin and her colleagues from the group of Argentine Actresses got together to claim, after the Brazilian Justice declare the nullity of the trial against Juan Darthés that takes place in San Pablo alleging that there was no jurisdiction.

Accompanied by Mirta Busnelli and Muriel Santana, among other colleagues, the former Ugly Duckling gave his testimony. “We knew that the strategy (of the defense) was by all means to avoid reaching the end, reaching a sentence, we knew that they would appeal but we thought that they would not grant their request because the competition was out, but we do not know how far the power can escalate. We will appeal to the Supreme Court because to testify again would be very revictimizing.”

“It was very revictimizing to testify, the defense was virulent with me and I was the one sitting on the defendant’s bench. We did not say behind closed doors how it was but it was very strong and hard and to think of going back to square one would be a scandal at the international level because three countries are involved. This could not happen in Argentina (going back in the trial) and that is what is striking for us, “he said, adding that he will exhaust all instances because he always trusted Justice.

“The most complex thing is that this occurs in three countries and it is economically difficult to sustain and that is also what we put on the table. These stones are given to me, who have this microphone and support. So, what is left for many women who are in conditions of more inequality?”, he continued.

In addition, she explained that since she is not a plaintiff, the Brazilian Justice requires that she first testify as a witness and not the actor, who should do so last. “We reached a number of witnesses… it is playing with the time of the witnesses and even of the judge himself, he (Darthés) would testify on March 18, it strikes us that this appeal is just before reaching the end and to hear his word. They did tests on me alonethe expertise that circulated about him was part of it, which means that it was paid by him, the only one who underwent expertise was me”he clarified.

She said that she felt judged when she testified and that there was a lack of gender perspective: “It cannot be stopped in the middle, they should also notify me, we do not have access to the file and I could not listen because the victims have no participation, in addition to what is happening, the scandal is the lack of access to information”. As for how it will continue, he said that it is likely that he will have to travel to the neighboring country. But for her, the most worrying thing is that decisions like this make the victims not dare to speak: “It cannot be that they indoctrinate women, people, men, children, adults, who dared to break the silence, because they send us to Justice and I understand it. If Justice does not give us the umbrella to establish our word, they are telling us that we cannot file a complaint. If we tell it outside of Justice, we are the ones who are brought to Justice by the abuser.”

She said that she still did not know how she would financially face all that was missing and near the end she added that she was determined to fight and that this made her feel strong, as did the support of her colleagues and the media.

On Tuesday night Thelma had uploaded a video to her social networks in which she referred to the discouraging news. “Today a Superior Court of Brazil decided to return to zero the trial that was already practically over against Juan Darthés. A trial that cost a lot to carry out and that is suspended not because of irregularities, but because now a Court says that there is no jurisdiction, “he began.

Thelma Fardin SUBTITLED

“That the jurisdiction is not right and that you cannot judge there. A lot of unbearable technicalities, unfair… unfair that a victim has to know about so many technicalities, but the message today is impunity because I traveled to Nicaragua and in Nicaragua they said that he had to be tried. But this guy fled to Brazil.” complained about this backtracking in a cause that cost a lot of effort to carry forward.

Seconds later he reflected: “All I did was, then, for nothing so that today three guys say: ‘there is no jurisdiction’ when they had already been issued. When a judge had already ruled on the subject. The message that is being given today is a scandal… it is a message of enormous impunity because if in a trial like mine where three public prosecutor ministries from three different countries collaborated, international cooperation, women’s movements, endless tools to try to reach Justice, which is where they ask us to go ”.


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In front of the Brazilian consulate and surrounded by actresses, Thelma Fardin spoke of the annulment of the trial of Juan Darthés: “I was the judge”