In full video, Nodal lives a creepy experience

Christian Nodal He would get a tremendous scare in the middle of a video game streaming night, in which he did not count on what would happen next to him with a Chucky doll.

Apparently the singer, Christian Nodalevidences one of the childhood traumas of many generations with the popular character of horror movies, the as3s1no doll.

In the first moments of the recording, the “belinda’s fiancé” appears talking to someone whom he questions about some experience they could tell when suddenly something surprises him.

I’m shaking, mentions the 23-year-old who was in a recording booth.

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Christian Nodal relives a nightmare video with Chucky. Photo: Capture Instagram

At one point, he hears a noise, and when he turns around he realizes that the Chucky doll that was sitting on a piece of furniture falls backwards, which caused some fear in the “former judge of The Voice“.

Ah ch!ng@… A la v3r… we, the interpreter exclaimed frightened, while reacting with some nervous laughter, ‘didn’t you see that we’ he questions through the microphone at the moment in which he couldn’t stop laughing while trying to find an explanation for what happened.

This not only startled the “regional mexican“, but also to those who were chatting with him in the cabin: “Yes, I saw him,” one of them replies.

Then, he begs Nodal to tell him that the doll is battery-powered: “Please, please, tell me that m@dr3 has batteries or something like that.”

No, man, he’s not one of those who move, Nodal replied, causing more astonishment towards his partner.

After this, González Nodal prepared to accommodate the figure in its place while his friend warned the artist that if he ever went home he would get rid of the doll.

If one day I go to your house I’m going to disappear that doll, for your good, he warns the interpreter of “Adiós Amor”, who replies: ‘Don’t say that’.

This unleashed Nodal’s nerves, who did not take his eyes off Chucky, so they ended up suggesting that he burn it, however, he said that he could not because it had a very special meaning: “Beli gave it to me.”

Even the one recognized with Latin Grammy and Billboard acknowledged at the microphone that if he were to get rid of him, he would have serious problems with Belinda.

If you burn it, they put3an it, you can’t do it, gentlemen, mentions Nodal’s colleague, to which he replies: ‘Yes, they put3an me, bro.’

After this experience, Christian Jesús González Nodal tried to calm his nerves while having a drink, recognizing how much he had been scared and launched a series of insults at the Spanish gift, asking her to “leave him alone”.

However, the noises did not stop disturbing the famous, who pointed out that “he did not know what it was” since it was the only doll that moved “of those he had in the same place.

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In full video, Nodal lives a creepy experience