Isabella Santodomingo on menopause: “I didn’t like how I looked”

actress and writerIsabella Santodomingo, reappeared after more than a month of absence on her social networksin which he used to share humorous content.

According to his testimony, he took advantage of this time to reflect, since he was going through a difficult moment on an emotional level, specifically, because she did not feel comfortable with her body and her age.

I fell into the trap of vanity“He confessed to his followers. Through a video on Instagram, Isabella Santodomingo revealed that after turning 50 she entered into a crisis, because she did not understand what was happening to her body and her emotions, but, in addition, she had no one to talk to.

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I felt alone, I had no one to ask anything. I have a mother who is almost 80 years old and, at that time, she was not used to asking other women what happens when you enter the stage of pre-menopause and then menopauseSanto Domingo explained.

isabella santodomingo

Isabella Santodomingo confessed that she felt very alone when she couldn’t find someone to talk to about menopause.


Instagram: @isabella.santodomingo

She assured that she heard many things about this stage that all women go through, but that no one took the time to clarify how to live perimenopause and the changes that come with it.

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No one, really, bothered to sit down and tell you: ‘Look, this is happening to you’, ‘This is what is going to happen to your body’, ‘Emotionally you are suddenly going to go through certain things‘” he said.

However, she considers that the worst came when she began to care about her physique, an aspect that she never gave relevance to.

The problem was like feeling bad about how I looked… At this age I did start to care… He had no compassion for me, I didn’t like how I looked, I hated how I felt“he said through tears.

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Fortunately, he realized that something was not right and decided to take time out from social events and networks to get to know himself again, go inside and check what was going on with his emotions.

The Devils of Temptations 2

Satodomingo was ‘Luz Bella’, the devil from the 1998 novel ‘Tentaciones’.

During her reflective process, Isabella Santodomingo realized that “it is good to grow old with dignity”, so he decided to share everything he experienced with his followers. In fact, she also took advantage of the clip to tell all women to accept and love themselves as they are, despite the passing of the years.

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I want to use this platform to tell all these women, after a month working on me, that it is okay to gain weight, that it is okay to be over 50 years old, that it is okay to grow old with dignity, that it is okay to have gray hairSantodomingo highlighted.

He also emphasized that he does not want younger women to reach their age feeling afraid: “To all the girls or younger women who see me, I don’t want you to reach this age feeling lost, or holding on to the weak thread of vanity because all that ends and what really remains is the essence“, he reflected.

That’s the way it is, The actress said that her social networks will be a space for people to understand, from their experience, the moment of life in which they are and live each stage happier.

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May this space serve to raise our spirits, to laugh at what we cannot change, to share ideas. I want to share with you everything that helped me… I’m not going to be Isabella fitness, but I’m not going to be Isabella fatness“He concluded his message.

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Isabella Santodomingo on menopause: “I didn’t like how I looked”