Jamie Dornan moves away from Christian Gray and stars in a jewel that deserves to be seen

There are performers who will forever be linked to a specific character. Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter, Tom Holland will always be Spider-Man, and Sigourney Weaver will always be Ellen Ripley, to name just a few. His works are so iconic and have penetrated so deeply into the collective consciousness that, Although they prove that they are much more than their most memorable roles, they will never cease to be associated with them..

It is, saving the differences, what happens to jamie dornanwho shot to worldwide fame playing Christian Grey in the infamous film adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, the erotic literary phenomenon of EL James, which jumped to the big screen in the form of a successful trilogy. In the case of Dornan, as well as that of his co-star, Dakota Johnson, the shadow of the characters who shot them into the Hollywood stratosphere weighs much more, since the work in question is highly regarded and has temporarily kidnapped them as actors. However, both Dornan and Johnson have shown for years that they have the will and the talent to leave Christian and Anastasia’s sanbenito behind. And they are succeeding.

The Man (JAMIE DORNAN) - (C) Two Brothers Pictures - Photographer: Ian Routledge

The Man (JAMIE DORNAN) – (C) Two Brothers Pictures – Photographer: Ian Routledge

While Johnson collects praise thanks to the acclaimed the dark daughter and sign by Sony for madam webnew installment of the Marvel spider universe, today we will focus on Dornan, who is also reaching his goal of being taken seriously as an actor. His latest premiere, the HBO Max series The Turistis a recommendable jewel that reaffirms you in your ascending career.

Dornan’s case is similar to Robert Pattinson’s. In fact, it should be remembered that both shared a house years ago with three other budding actors, Andrew Garfield, Eddie Redmayne and Charlie Cox, while trying to make a place for themselves in Hollywood. Pattinson found fame before anyone else thanks to Twilight, but soon, his ticket to stardom became his biggest obstacle to getting noticed as an actor. Pattinson had a hard time shaking off the character of Edward Cullen and, assuming he never would, focused on developing a solid and experimental acting career, working with the most personal and award-winning filmmakers, making a name for himself in the margins. of the cinema This ultimately led him to return to Hollywood with the character of Batman, one of the greatest icons in popular culture. Now, Pattinson will always be Edward Cullen, but also Bruce Wayne, which is not bad at all.

Dornan is still a long way from where his former roommate is today, but he has taken a few steps recently that certainly put them on the right track. But first, a bit of context for those who do not know the actor well. Dornan was born in Northern Ireland in 1982. His career began to emerge as a model, an industry in which he found success in 2001. His work in the world of fashion led him to be the face of Hugo Boss, Dior and Calvin Klein, raising its cache considerably until being nicknamed “the chest of gold” by the New York Times and considered by Vogue magazine as one of the most important male models of all time. Dornan was doing great as a model, but his aspirations were different: he wanted to succeed as an actor.

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The transition to acting was not easy, but Little by little, he became noticeable on the screen, thanks largely to his undoubted physical attractiveness, of course.. Although it was difficult for her to get rid of the model label, paper by paper she began to show that hers was a vocation and not the whim of a manikin that he was tired of his work. Her first film role took place in Marie Antoinette (2006) by Sofia Coppola, where he played the Swedish Count Axel de Fersen. It was a small role, but it helped him start to make his way. In 2011, his appearance as a sheriff / hunter in the series Once upon a time it earned him quite a bit of popularity and put him on the map for the general public. From there, his career would begin to rise like foam.

The biggest turning point in his career would come in 2013 and twice. On the one hand, Dornan starred alongside Gillian Anderson in the Northern Irish series The Fall, where he played a serial killer from Belfast. The fiction, which lasted three seasons, served as a gallery for his talent, receiving excellent reviews for his work as the cynical, disturbing and sinisterly sexy Paul Spector, which also earned him a BAFTA nomination in 2014 (the series recently received a new boost in popularity on Netflix). On the other hand, that same year he would be the one who would see him rise to a higher level of international fame after being chosen to lead the cast of the adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Replacing Charlie Hunnam (Sons of Anarchy), who had initially been cast in the film, Dornan took on the role of the enigmatic drug-addicted billionaire bdsm in the erotic saga. Of course, Paul Spector took a backseat and Mr. Gray outshone everything around him.

Fifty Shades of Grey It was a box office success, but critics struck it down. Dornan and Johnson returned to complete the trilogy with two installments that, together with the first, totaled more than one billion euros worldwide, thus becoming the seventh most successful 18+ franchise in history. However, the three films are considered the most obnoxious that has been done in the cinema recently, which inevitably affected its two protagonists. Dornan was Nominated for two Razzie Awards for Worst Actor, and a third for worst couple with Johnson. In 2018 the third and last installment was released, fifty shades freedand it was clear that the two actors were also wanting to be freed from that ordeal.

Now, Dornan has actively and passively assured that he does not regret having played Christian Grey. Although many consider that it was a serious mistake to accept the role just when he was beginning to be recognized as an actor thanks to The Fall, he thinks the opposite. In fact, the actor has expressed on several occasions that, were it not for Fifty Shades of Grey, it would not be where it is. In an interview with GQ in 2021, Dornan explained it like this: “The point is that, every step I’ve taken in my career after those movies has been possible thanks to them. A lot of the independent movies I’ve done get their budget because of my name, because I was in a franchise that made €1.2bn. That’s how it works. He has given me a lot, so of course I don’t regret it.”.

From the economic point of view and at the level of international projection, it is clear that Fifty Shades has benefited Dornan. But to what extent did it harm his career as an actor? He insists that he has not harmed her personally, moreover, he appreciates it because he has allowed him to give his family a better life (he has been married since 2013 to the singer and actress Amelia Warner, with whom he has three children). But the truth is that because of Christian Grey, his reputation as an actor was devalued, after The Fall it was proof that he was much more than a model with movie star airs.

However, it hasn’t taken long for Dornan to prove that he is actually right. That in the long run, Christian Gray has not been an obstacle, but rather has opened more than one door to prove his worth as an actor in his next projects. Since then, the actor has been hell-bent on breaking out of the confines of the dark, sexy heartthrob to explore new ground and tell the world that he has more records than he thinks. That’s how he got to the vindicables Barb and Star go to Vista del Mara crazy comedy where he lets his hair down with a parodic role in which he gets to star in a ridiculous and hilarious musical sequence (it should be noted that, in addition to acting, Dornan is a musician and singer), or synchronousoriginal science fiction drama that stars alongside Anthony Mackie.

The setbacks have not been lacking. She played the antagonist of the Robin Hood by Taron Egerton, which was thrashed and took a big hit at the box office, and accompanied Emily Blunt in the romantic an irish song, which also had a very negative reception. And so, after a post-Christian Gray season in the doldrums, we reach 2021, another year that marks a before and after in his acting career.

The role that has brought him back the favor of critics is that of the father of the young protagonist of Belfast. The beautiful autobiographical film by Kenneth Branagh is one of the favorites for the Oscar, with 7 nominations in total. Both he and Caitríona Balfe (Outlander), who plays his wife in the film and with whom he shares a very similar professional career, have conquered the whole world with two acting jobs that led them to be seriously considered as possible candidates for the Academy Award. Finally, neither of them was among the nominees (yes at the Golden Globes, although those awards no longer matter to anyone), but his work on the film has been an incredible professional boost for both.

Dornan needed a project that would remind the audience that he was not only Christian Grey, but also Paul Spector, and that he can be anything he wants to be. And in this line, we culminate in his excellent latest work, The Turist. In this Australian HBO Max miniseries, he plays a man who, after a chase in which a huge tanker truck drives him off the road causing an accident, wakes up in the hospital with no idea who he is. Thus begins a dangerous cat and mouse race in which this man will try to put the pieces of his past together while fleeing from it to survive.

With traces of the best thrillers, successful touches of black humor and extravagant characters, The Turist composes over six episodes an absorbing mystery packed with action, unexpected comedy and surprising twists. The series is worth it for many reasons, including its arid and suffocating setting, which gives it a very special touch, or a convoluted plot that engages well; but mainly, it is another proof that Dornan is a better actor than many believe. Without ceasing to exploit his physique (here rougher, with a beard and a calculatedly careless appearance), without a doubt one of the main claims for which his fans return to him again and again, he gives himself completely to the proposal displaying his talent for different registers -action, comedy, romance, suspense-, and thus signing one of his best roles to date.

In a way, The Turist it can be seen as a metaphor for Dornan’s own trajectory. Like his protagonist, the actor is also in full flight from his past while keeping his feet on the ground.. Although he denies regretting being Christian Grey, another character strongly marked by his past, it is clear that in recent years he has tried to get out of his shadow (pun intended) and leave him behind with increasingly interesting roles, in which he has put all the meat on the grill. Dornan continues to draw sighs wherever he goes and occupy magazine covers, but now he is also respected as an actor. Thanks to Belfasthis position in Hollywood has improved considerably, and with The Turist, is telling us that he, like his old partner Robert Pattinson, also wants to take risks, try new things and surprise us. In other words, Jamie Dornan has finally broken free.

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Jamie Dornan moves away from Christian Gray and stars in a jewel that deserves to be seen