Jared Leto and Belinda: an enigmatic relationship for which the actor would even get a tattoo

Now that he became fashionable (again, it’s like something cyclical) for being in ‘Morbius’, the new movie from the Marvel universe, Jared Leto —who usually gives something to talk about for his eccentricities, his outlandish ideas and his peculiar outfits — was in Mexico for the premiere accompanied by Adriana Arjonawho shares with him the protagonist of this action and horror film about Dr. Michael Morbius, a scientist who, by using himself as a guinea pig, ends up becoming a living vampire.

The bizarre Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto.  (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

The bizarre Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto. (Photo by Vianney Le Caer/Invision/AP)

As part of the promotion, Leto met El escorpión dorado (Alejandro Montiel), famous for his ordinary and vulgar style of doing interviews on board a vehicle, and for casually touching on all kinds of topics; So, Montiel asked Leto point-blank, who has always had a good relationship with Mexico, if he would get tattooed – as Criss Angel, Lupillo Rivera and Christian Nodal did – Belinda’s name and Leto’s response caused a furor in networks .

And be careful here, it is not that Montiel is a trusting person, in fact, before playing this wild character that gave him so much success on the networks, he was famous for having the YouTube channel La Lata, thanks to which he went to junkets from promotion with big stars, being his “gimmick” to act with stellar Hollywood figures (such as Leto) as if he were a fan and not a journalist, which earned him the sympathy (and also some animosity) of many celebrities. Thus, both already knew each other and that is why the talk flowed so much, although it also contributed to raising some eyebrows, since not everyone is aware of what the Spanish actress and singer, who grew up in Mexico and recently returned to reside in her country, does. country of origin (suddenly hissing a lot), and they didn’t know that between her and Leto there is a very special relationship.

The first time it was made public that there is a friendly/affective bond (although not romantic, which can be confirmed) between the Oscar-winning actor and the interpreter of ‘Sapito’, was during the first confinement of the pandemic by COVID-19 at the beginning of 2020. Leto became aware of what was happening when leaving a retreat in which the use of a cell phone was not allowed, for that reason, according to what Belinda told the magazine Who, he looked for her to find out how he was and recommend that he stay in confinement. “He always scolds me because he knows I don’t stay at home all the time and that’s how he makes sure I’m safe, that he takes care of my family.”

Belinda and Jared Leto met in 2014 in Los Angeles, when she was participating in the film version of ‘Baywatch’ and made her rounds at castings and events with a view to further opening her career to the Anglo market.

According to what is known when seeing them chat, as in the Instagram live they did during the pandemic, the chemistry between Leto and Beli is genuine and not forced at all, they like each other and have fun together. This of course gave rise to many speculations about whether at that time (in which Belinda was not yet Nodal’s girlfriend) there would be something romantic between the two.

That possibility only enters the realm of speculation; Although Belinda has been recognized for her uninhibited way of relating to male entertainment personalities, with Leto she is clearly united by a complicity in their mutual ideas and extravagant points of view, but nothing indicates that there is a romance and Leto’s response to the Scorpion was basically sarcastic (it doesn’t seem like he’s really going to carry out the tattoo) and that’s just one of the anecdotes that connects him with the singer, who told Ventaneando: “[Jared] He is always sharing what he does with me and I also share my activities with him and we talk, we have been friends for many years”.

However, they’re both single and anything could happen now that Belinda is getting her second wind, so let’s not rule out that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of it.



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Jared Leto and Belinda: an enigmatic relationship for which the actor would even get a tattoo