Jenni Rivera and the crazy theories about her return from the dead

Have passed nine years after the death of Jenni Riverahowever, a strange activity on their social profiles on February 15, has caused her fans believe that she is still alive and that she is about to return to the stage.

‘La Diva de la Banda’ lost her life on December 9, 2012 after boarding the Lear Jet 25 with license plate N345MC, which would transport her from Monterrey, Nuevo León; to Toluca, in the State of Mexico; however, the aircraft crashed in the Sierra Madre Oriental, in the municipality of Iturbide.

Traveling with Jenni were Arturo Rivera Ruiz, Jacob Yebale, Jorge Armando Sánchez and Mario Macías Pacheco, none survived, neither did the pilot, Miguel Pérez Soto, nor the co-pilot, Alessandro Torres Álvarez.

As often happens when a celebrity dies, Theories began to emerge that ‘the Barrio Butterfly’ had not died. One of them was that he had become a protected witness for the FBI after he gave information that helped capture several involved in drug trafficking.

In 2019, on Twitter, the singer’s fans began to share a YouTube channel called IcookUcookWeallcook in which they prepared cooking recipes, what had attracted attention is that the woman, whose face is never seen, supposedly spoke just like Jenny.

After many people searched for it, the channel was closed, although several people downloaded some videos, which are still circulating on the internet.

Fans who claim that the singer did not die often share a video in which Jenni’s daughter, Chiquis Rivera, speaks as if her mother were alive in an interview she gave to the YouTuber, the Golden Scorpion.

“People forget that my mother has been singing for 20 years, how do they want me to start just like her?” Chiquis mentions.

Over time the theories lost strength, but last February 15 on Jenni Rivera’s Instagram account all the photographs were deleted and only one image appeared that reads “2022” on a black background.

On the 16th, a black and white photo of the singer was published and the post reads Jenni Rivera 2022. Finally, on the 17th they published another image: “the legacy continues”.

The comments were not long in appearing: “We already know you’re alive”“Jenni, if you were the one on the YouTube cooking show?”, “Can you imagine me coming in and saying, ‘Hello, I’m alive’”, “Jenni, we’re all going to be grateful that you already say you’re alive”.

Some users even point out that the singer will return to give concerts: “her reappearance and return to the stage will be exactly one year and one day after her supposed death. The pending concert of 2012, in Monterrey, will replace December 10 of this year and will be in Mexico City, at the Azteca stadium, yes, together with Bad Bunny “

No more posts have been made on Jenni Rivera’s Instagram profiles, but it is possible that the recent activity is due to the fact that in early January the two companies of ‘La Diva de la Banda’, Jenni Rivera Enterprises LLC and Jenni Rivera Fashion LLC, passed into the hands of her second daughter, Jacqie Riverawho replaced her aunt Rosie Rivera, who had managed them since her sister’s death.

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Jenni Rivera and the crazy theories about her return from the dead