Jennifer Lopez’s daughter is criticized for getting tattooed at age 14 and not looking like her mother

Emme Muñiz, the daughter of Jennifer Lopez He reappeared to celebrate Mother’s Day with his mother, his brother and his aunt. In the photos of their afternoon together, the teenager wore a tattoo and a comfortable outfit, which sparked a series of criticism from the public for her appearance.

Emme Muñiz: Jennifer López’s daughter is criticized for her appearance

Emme He went out with his mom, his brother, and his aunt Leslie. and was caught on her way to enjoy a Mother’s Day meal in Malibu.

Emme wore a brown look of pants, a vest and a white shirt, while JLo wore a long white dress and a sweater of the same color.

What caught the most attention is that the teenager showed a tattoo on her arm. Some network users expressed their surprise because the young woman is only 14 years old and they consider that it is not an appropriate age to get a tattoo.

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On the other hand, some criticized his appearance, because the style of Emme He is very different from his mother. While JLo leans towards feminine and sensual looks, Emme prefers an androgynous style It combines masculine and feminine elements. In addition, he usually has short hair and fantasy colors.

This has caused a series of criticisms on social networks by users who compare her to her mother and think that she should change her appearance.

“What sad children, the girl wears ugly clothes and the boy lives in his cell phone”

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Nevertheless JLo has made it clear that it is important for her that her children express themselves freelyso it does not influence the way your daughter dresses or exposes her to the public eye on her social networks.

The singer’s fans have also come to her defense and recalled that she is a girl, so she should not be exposed to adult criticism.

They also responded to those who say that she does not look like JLo, remembering that the singer has changed her appearance over the years, but her natural hair is the same as Emme’s.

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On the other hand, Emme is a teenager who, like all girls her age, wants to follow the trends of the moment.This includes wearing colored hair and wearing loose clothing.

A celebrity who has imposed this trend is Billie Eilishwho became famous for her vocal talents and her style, which includes menswear and oversize clothing. It is known that Emme is a fan of the singer, so it is natural that she wants to imitate her way of dressing.

Both Emme and Ben Affleck’s daughter, Seraphina, have drawn attention for their love of menswear, showing that his generation maintains a ‘gender neutral’ style that combines masculine and feminine garments to create comfortable outfits.

Despite the criticism, Emme has not let social networks affect her and has continued to dress as she wants with the support of her mother, who protects her from the public eye at all costs.

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Jennifer Lopez’s daughter is criticized for getting tattooed at age 14 and not looking like her mother