Johnny Depp will not be hired by major studios again, experts say: “it’s like kryptonite”

Johnny Depp. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Johnny Depp. (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Johnny Depp continues to be celebrated on social networks after his victory in the Virginia courts Some days ago. The 59-year-old actor thanked his followers through social networks and promised them to move on, seeking to recover from everything that has happened since 2016. But although things went well in court, some believe that Depp will not be able to recover from everything that has happened, and that the big Hollywood studios will not hire him again.

Johnny He claims to have begun to experience episodes of domestic violence with Amber Heard a few years ago, situations that even dragged him to the hospital seeking surgery (the finger accident). By 2018, her ex-wife accuses him of having mistreated her in her marriage through an opinion article in Washington Post And that’s when things changed forever. Depp lost his job in pirates of the caribbean 6 and by 2020 he is fired from Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets; since then no major Hollywood studio has called him back.

Anonymous Hollywood pundits, quoted by Vanity Fair in a recent article, they do not see a good future for Johnny Depp in the world’s largest entertainment industry, but at least he will be able to get ahead with minor projects. Here’s what a prominent awards season strategist and publicist had to say: “Once you go too far down this road, legitimate studios won’t hire you. He is still slightly kryptonite. But what does he care? He will continue to make money with lower level projects and he will be fine with that.” One prominent publicity agent opined, “I think it’s just going to take a studio to sign him. He may have to do an independent movie or do something outside of the studio system for it to be acceptable to hire him again.”

An executive who has worked alongside Johnny Depp on several occasions, he believes that at least for a while we will not see the actor returning to work with Warner Bros. Discovery or The Walt Disney Company:

I don’t think I’ll immediately go back to the Harry Potter franchise or Pirates of the Caribbean. The jury and the public seem to be on his side, making him less controversial than many of these other celebrities who have been guilty of #MeToo accusations, because he won the case in a big way.

For his part, Johnny Depp released a statement a few days ago through Instagram in which he thanked his followers for staying with him all the way: “My goal with this case was to reveal the truth. Speaking the truth is something I owed to my children and to all those who have stood firmly by my side. I feel at peace knowing that I finally made it.”

The actor also announced that he will be releasing a music album very soon, in addition, he recently opened a TikTok account in which he has already accumulated more than 8.5 million followers.

But while Johnny enjoy the support of social networks, Amber Heard suffers from the opposite. The actress has become one of the least loved people on social networks thanks to an undeniable campaign against her promoted by the same users; on multiple platforms we can find videos or content that attack her, predicting a future completely distant from Hollywood with no chance of redemption. right now between Johnny Y Ambershe is the older kryptonite of the two.


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Johnny Depp will not be hired by major studios again, experts say: “it’s like kryptonite”