Jomari Goyso’s last live makes his fans cry and he says: “God had a purpose… he knew he had to do it”

Jomari Goyso.

Jomari Goyso.

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To say that Jomari Goyso is a believer is not bragging. The famous fashion critic has God very present in everything he does. Even in evaluations of him as a fashion connoisseur he references the creator. She always tells her famous friends and her so-called “cousins” that God is not wrong that just as he created them they are perfect: brunettes, blondes, tall, small. For Jomari, God’s creation is what counts.

Taking this into account, it is understood that his last live has generated so many emotions, and it is that a few hours ago the Spaniard did not know what was going to happen when he decided to connect on Instagram to promote his products. But he himself admits that deep down he knew he had to do it. God’s purpose was present in that security.

First, his followers, as always, began to compliment him and emphasized his eyes. Then the messages came where they said that this live made them cry. But what happened, what caused those tears?

Jomari is always looking to talk to her followers. And this time he made two calls. The first allowed him to talk about the benefits of his Detox and Collagen. Everything went very well with this first link. It was the second call that made us cry.

She, the second call, was from a Dominican woman who lives in Texas. Together with her daughter, they were always fans of Jomari Goyso. They ran when they left the hospital just to see First Impact, but it was all to see him. His daughter was sick. She, the mother, said that they called the program many times to be able to contact him. They never made it. Her daughter passed away.

“I have been waiting for this call for seven years. Oh my God I can’t believe it! She was called Kayli Michelle. I wanted you to meet her… Only two people made her smile, one was you and then Sofia Vergara.” Michelle died after serving six years. She had cancer.

For this mother, talking to Jomari was a dream come true, that’s why she told him: “You change hearts”. She also told him that her daughter used to say: “Look at Jomari, how beautiful what he does… Jomari was five years old”. For this that he achieved or generated in her daughter, this mother urged him: “Keep doing what you do… Really thank you, because you were with me without knowing it, in this process. That’s why I follow you and admire you. You do not know how many hearts you are changing. Thanks. I am happy“.

Jomari was shocked, speechless with love and pain on the surface: “It’s hard for me to know that a girl wanted to see me and I never came, but it’s hard for me… imagine for mom. Too bad I couldn’t get there. Let’s assume she’s the one that’s got us standing here. This is her connecting us through God.”

“We are many hearts that love you,” said this mother who smiled and cried at the same time. In the end they agreed that if one day the Spaniard traveled to Houston they would get in touch.

Here the live:

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Jomari Goyso’s last live makes his fans cry and he says: “God had a purpose… he knew he had to do it”