Juan Rivera confirms that he spoke with Chiquis about Lorenzo Méndez’s alleged drug use

The reactions on the new Chiquis book continue, now it was John Rivera who spoke about it. The singer’s uncle confirmed that on one occasion her niece questioned him about the attitude of a person who consumes cocaineso at that time suspected that her husband Lorenzo Méndez was on drugs.

In ‘Invincible’ he recounts that he went to his uncle to clear up his doubts, Juan confirmed this in an interview with the program ‘First Hand’.

“Yes indeed, I remember it in such a way, I have lived that situationI know what it’s like to struggle with alcohol and drugs, so one day my niece told me: ‘Hey man, this, this and this’, and I told her: ‘Look, I’ve never used him, I’ve never drunk with him , I don’t know if he consumes or not, but if you think he needs support, I support him,'” Rivera recalled.

The music producer considers that Chiquis is contradicting herself, since she has declared that they did not give her help, but he assures that it was the opposite: “That’s where it’s a bit confusing what my niece says, He says that we never support him, but he also asks me how we support Lorenzo and it is something that we do support him,” he explained.

Did Lorenzo Méndez violate Chiquis?

Juan Rivera made it clear that he is unaware of the situations experienced by Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter during her marriage to the former vocalist of La Original Banda El Limón and during her courtship with Ángel del Villar. However, he shared that witnessed an incident where he did get angry.

“I don’t know things about marriage, about relationships, but what I did see, what little I did see, well, my niece seems to be victim of all the worldI don’t know if Lorenzo hit her, if he spat on her, I don’t know what happened to Ángel, it’s not my thing, I saw a problem only once in the relationship with her and there I did accelerate“He said without clarifying with which of his partners.

In addition, he pointed out that the breakup with his niece began when she did not tell him about her separation with Méndez and found out through the media.

“I don’t know what happened in their marriage, it’s not my thing, it’s not my thing, but I think the problem started between Chiquis and me when I didn’t even ask him about his divorce, because I came to realize his divorce through social networks instead of as an uncle, so he treated me like a fanatic and I reacted like a fanatic, “he stated bluntly.


Juan Rivera looking for fame?

Chiquis recounts in her book that her uncle told her under the influence of alcohol that after the death of Jenni Rivera it was his turn to be recognized and famous, because she had no talent to achieve it. On this subject Juan Rivera also spoke.

“They say he was drunk, I don’t remember the net, but I doubt it. I have never longed for fame like this and that I want to be successful, nah, fame is faketoday they love us, tomorrow they hate us and in three weeks we will be the kings and in a month we will be trash, that about fame is false, then that about me being the next one, I doubt I told her but if she says, then yesat the end of the day it is Chiquis, “he told the show of shows.

Juan says that Chiquis contradicts himself

According to the brother of ‘La Diva de la Banda’, his nephews criticized him for telling family problems through social networks and monetizing for it. Now he explains that Chiquis does the samebut she make money from the sale of your book.

Furthermore, he made it clear that “he is not interested in reading” the writing: “I was criticized a lot last year for monetizing personal things of mine and my family on YouTube, even my niece and nephews criticized me a lot, I definitely do monetize. This book is to monetize problems, just the same, So the same thing I did is what she is doing, but she is doing it through a book,” he said in the interview.

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Juan Rivera confirms that he spoke with Chiquis about Lorenzo Méndez’s alleged drug use