Judge determines that Héctor Soberón must give surname and pension to alleged unrecognized son

After six years of legal battle, this Monday, April 18, a judge in Mexico City determined that the actor Héctor Soberón, former partner of Michelle Vieth, You must give your last name to the son of Brigitt Karen Rivera.

In 2016, Rivera filed a lawsuit against Soberón with the aim of legally recognizing his son, who he says was the product of alleged sexual abuse by the actor.

The judge ruled, after a process during which the protagonist of ‘My little naughty’ never showed up to take a DNA test, that he also has to pay a retroactive alimony to the minor.

“Everything went in our favor, it went in my favor, I won. Right now that’s what I can say, I can’t say more, ”Rivera shared with the Imagen Televisión camera after hearing the sentence.

Héctor Soberón will appeal the sentence

In response to the sentence, Héctor Soberón posted a video on his Instagram account to make it known that he will seek an appeal, since he does not agree with the judge’s decision.

“Today, in a trial on ignorance and acknowledgment of paternity where, in an uncompromising manner and supported by a magazine, a woman tries to pass me off as the father of her child, eliminating at will the birth certificate and the affiliation that he has with his father, a sentence was issued with which I do not agree, since it is inconsistent with everything that was done in the trial, as well as with what is established in Mexican law, “he said.

Soberón assured that the trial was manipulated by Brigitt Karen Rivera, her lawyer and even by the minor who is allegedly her son, for which they made him pass as a “guy without principles, without values ​​and without the slightest interest in complying with the laws ”.

With confidence in the Mexican authorities, the actor, who He has two daughters with his wife Janet Durón.Fátima and Luciana, will exhaust all the legal instances to which she is entitled to clean her reputation and protect her family.

“My intention is to reach the absolute truth and legal certainty of this matter. [Con] exhaust all instances I am not only referring to filing an appeal, but also to go to instances such as the Judiciary Council in order to review the actions of the officials who have intervened in this matter, since as I mentioned, the sentence is clearly incongruous, “he said.

The 57-year-old actor stated that he will remain silent from now on, since he considers that this matter should not be clarified publicly and intends to protect his wife and daughters from “media lynching.”

How much time does Héctor Soberón have to challenge the judge’s sentence?

According to Brigitt Karen Rivera’s lawyer, Víctor Carrillo, Héctor Soberón and their legal team have 12 business days to challenge the judge’s sentence.

“Surely they will file an injunction in order to continue hindering, imagine, they hindered it for six years, but today we have good news,” added the lawyer in an interview with the aforementioned media.

For his part, José Burguete, Soberón’s lawyer, indicated that if they will file the appeal it will not be out of “whim or courage”, but to achieve a benefit for the minor involved.


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Judge determines that Héctor Soberón must give surname and pension to alleged unrecognized son