Karina Banda is taken out of Falling in love and says that she will have to wait to be a mother: “I would not dare to go to the island pregnant”

After the surprise on Friday, where Falling in love announced the return of Ana Patricia Gámez to the showand the new challenge of Karina Band as host of a spin off of the reality show (“La Isla de Enamoranos”) for the new streaming platform, Vix. The Mexican shows that she is an example of a positive woman who knows how to take advantage of situations and adapts to changes.

“Life surprises you and one has to take those surprises with gratitude. Sure, sometimes life surprises you and opportunities come sooner than you expected or imagined.but everything is a question of attitude, of how one sees things and how one takes them”.

Karina faces the challenge with positivism, although there is fear and sacrifice. “It’s exciting, but it’s scary, I’ll confess it to you. I feel nervous and I feel like it’s part of getting out of your comfort zone. In ‘Falling in love’ at the end of the day I was already hooked up, but well, now life tells me that I’m ready for something, I didn’t know I was ready, but that’s what they’re telling me”.

The Mexican shares her life and her experiences with her husband, the actor Charles Ponce.

“I have discussed it with Carlos and we all agree with that, that at the end of the day the direction of television goes the other way and you have to bet on it. I’m betting on this streaming technology, and I’m betting on trust, and letting things flow.”

So, will you be able to have a vacation until the new show starts?
As far as I know, no. In fact, I’m going to be on “El Gordo y la Flaca”, here (on UnivisionTelevisa) there are always many things to do, but no, vacations, I don’t think so.

And your plans to be a mom?
Hardly, I would not dare to go pregnant to the island. I think that this year my “baby” is this new project, I am going to focus on it and next year I will be able to focus on the project of being a mother.

On Instagram Karina Banda said goodbye

Karina Banda leaves Falling in love and heads to La Isla. The new project in which she will take the reins as host. She spoke about this on Instagram and said: “In this career as in life, opportunities come and you have to take advantage of them because the purpose is to continue growing, evolving and you have to bet on that.”

In his writing he added this thought: “It will come to your hands, at the right time, just what you need to continue with your evolution.”

“Once again, thank you for all your support and love, you don’t know how happy it makes me to know that you can see the Karina that I really am. Now I ask you to take this support to “the Island” and help me make this project a great success. Thanks to the whole team for celebrating this new adventure, to @rafaaraneda @andre_alvarez31 @bbellabymillie @gorgeousonia and @antoniogarzaa thanks for the surprise celebration, my flowers, balloons and so many laughs. They are the best. With love: Karina “The Queen of the Island””.

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Karina Banda is taken out of Falling in love and says that she will have to wait to be a mother: “I would not dare to go to the island pregnant”