Kimberly Flores clears up all the rumors

Kimberly Flores clears up all the rumors


Kimberly Flores breaks the silence

In the last edition of The House of the Famous, Kimberly Flowers suddenly left the competition raising all the alarms, this happened when his partner, edwin moon He went to the house to look for her and the artist made the decision to leave the competition, but what really happened to the model?

There were many rumors of the departure of the Guatemalan model, after capturing his encounters with Roberto Romano, this aroused public opinion, it was rumored that something had even happened between them. For her part, Kimberly revealed that she used flirtation as a strategy within the competition.

Exit of Kimberly Flores from The House of the Famous

Her husband Edwin Luna, showed up to the house due to a family situation, which made Flores make the decision to leave the competition. At that time, the couple’s eldest son was affected, the singer also spoke with Héctor Sandarti and the reasons why he wanted to speak with Kimberly.

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“When she came to ‘La Casa de los Famosos’ the last thing she said to me was ‘Please take care of my children’ and when you feel that you are not complying for any reason, she has to know it” assured Edwin Luna before the cameras.

Héctor Sandarti talks about the retirement of Kimberly Flores | todayDay | TelemundoToday’s official video. The host of La Casa de los Famosos, Héctor Sandarti, talks about the controversial departure of Kimberly Flores from the program and assured that from the beginning the model made clear her intense love for her husband, Edwin Luna. Download our App: YouTube: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:…2021-09-15T16:24:06Z

Having his wife in front of him, Edwin Luna burst into tears and revealed that the children were having a very bad time, since they were sending them notes where they talked about their supposed romance with Roberto Romano, as well as the rumors of separation with Moon.

Kimberly Flores confesses everything

After this fact, the model decided to talk about what happened, all this because of the close attitudes with Roberto Romano, on many occasions they were seen together, starring in scenes with double meanings that undoubtedly left more than one with their mouths open.

Flores assured that her participation in the reality show was manipulated as a strategy to make the public believe that something had arisen between the actors, in a past appearance on her YouTube channel, the singer also explained that the word infidelity for her never existed after several remarks .

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“I want them to know that I love him, that I respect him. The word infidelity for me never existed, because they are very big terms, that people have pointed out as such, and the people who really saw the 24/7 realized that we did not reach that point, “said Kimberly in a video posted on his official YouTube channel.

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“Many things had to be acted, many not. It’s not like you guys saw it, we were acting and I was getting paid for it,” Kimberly said.

The couple decided to focus on the positive things, both went to therapy to consolidate their relationship, which is why the social networks of the influencer have also shown that their love is greater than any rumor. Kimberly clarified all the doubts that arose between them, making it clear that her priority is her family.

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Kimberly Flores clears up all the rumors