Lady Di: why the Spencer lineage is more ‘pure’ than that of Queen Elizabeth

When in 1980 the rumor began to spread that the Prince carlosthen the most eligible bachelor in the world, had chosen his future wife, and that woman was Diana Spencerroyal specialists knew it wasn’t just a rumour.

Although the 19-year-old girl whom the press began to persecute relentlessly for being the supposed candidate had cultivated always a low profile, even if he drove a modest car and lived without luxuries In an apartment with friends, Lady Diana belonged to one of the oldest and most traditional families in the United Kingdom: the Spencers.

If it’s about lineage, what better for a future king to marry a member of the House of Spencer, founded many centuries before even the House of Windsor.

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As revealed by the biographer of Lady DiAndrew Morton, it was his grandmother, Baroness Ruth Burke-Roche, who had become the main maid of honor and the best friend of the queen mother Elizabeth, who together with Charles’s grandmother led to the realization of this royal wedding .

In the eyes of the queen mother already Isabel II, the candidate had all the requirements, since she came from a very aristocratic background. Even Diana’s parents, the 8th Earl Spencer and Lady Frances Ruth Burke-Roche, had married in a pompous ceremony that was considered one of the most important social events in mid-20th-century London, and which had included the presence of Elizabeth II herself, Prince Philip of Edinburgh, the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret.

The origin of the Spencer family dates back to the 15th century, when Sir John Spencer founded the house of Althorp, which later became the residence of Viscount Althorp and later the seat of all the Earls of Spencer.

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It was from Sir Robert Spencer (1570 -1627), who enjoyed the reputation of being the richest man in England, when the family began to have an important position in the kingdom: James I granted him the title of baron to have his support during his reign. his son, John Spencer, born in 1734, was named the first Earl Spencer. All earls always had a position very close to the British crown.

While some stood out as patrons of the arts, others had a very active political role. Perhaps the most prominent was Diana’s great-grandfather, Sir Charles Robert 6th Earl Spencer (1857 -1922), who was part of the House of Commons and Lord Chamberlain to King Edward VII.

When Diana’s grandfather Albert Edward John (1892 – 1975) took the title of 7th Earl Spencer in 1922, only three years had passed since King George V of England appointed the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha with the name of Windsor, alluding to the palace of the royal family in that city.

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In the midst of World War Ia royal proclamation signed on July 17, 1917 determined that the name of the German dynasty should not be used to refer to the British royal family, although indeed the Windsor they are part of the House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, of German origin. Hence, it is said that Lady Di’s family was even older and more traditional than the of Prince Charles.

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Lady Di: why the Spencer lineage is more ‘pure’ than that of Queen Elizabeth