Laura Zapata rejuvenates with a modern cut and hairstyle; she is confused with Aracely Arámbula

Unrecognizable appeared the Mexican actress Laura Zapatawho rejuvenated up to 20 years with a modern cut and hairstyle, with which, even, they confused her with the actress Aracely Arambula. The singer’s sister Thalia The 65-year-old tried out a very cool style in a platinum blonde shade.

Through her Instagram account, the villain of soap operas, Laura Zapata shared an image during his participation as a judge in the Music Battles App program, where he shares the judges table with Majo Aguilar, Bebeto and The Chicuela. In it, she looked rejuvenated and gorgeous, for which she was showered with praise.

“I can’t with such beauty, my dear teacher”, “How barbaric, what a look, what a change. you look very young and as always, with a lot of personality”, “Wow, you look beautiful at 30 years old”, “More and more beautiful, beauty”, “How barbaric, you look incredible, I am younger than you and I would like to see my half young”, they expressed.

There were even those who confused her with the beautiful 47-year-old actress, protagonist of the series La Doña, Aracely Arambulaand even with the American singer herself, Katy Perry.

“I thought it was Araceli Arámbula”, “Bella, she looks like Aracely Arámbula”, “I think she beats Thalía”, “Aracely Arámbula, is that you?”, “I thought it was Aracely Arambula”, “I thought Aracely TO! She looks very pretty!”, “She seems Cruela”, netizens told her.

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Laura Zapata She wore an asymmetrical bob cut that was curly and loaded to the side, with a platinum blonde tint, which gave her face great luminosity, making her look impeccable. The sister of Gabriela Sody and Ernestina Sodi She accompanied her style with an elegant and flirtatious yellow dress with a super low cut with balloon sleeves, which enhanced her elegance.

However, a few weeks ago Laura Zapata caused controversy for an image in which she looked totally unrecognizable, for which she was accused of abusing filters and makeup, because she later uploaded another image that looked very different.

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On this occasion, the soap opera actress like Maria mercedes, The cat and Wild Rosewas not spared from comments of this type, assuring again that he looked that way due to the filtersmakeup and touch-ups.

“Good embalmed”, “Pure filter, in real life it is an accordion of wrinkles”, “The filters are good”, “How makeup works miracles”, “I found it on the street that scared me, a lot of filter here”, “The net went out of hand with the filter,” they commented.

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Laura Zapata rejuvenates with a modern cut and hairstyle; she is confused with Aracely Arámbula. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM

Be that as it may, the truth is that Laura Zapata She looks incredible for her age, and also has many people who esteem her and are usually pampering her with compliments and messages of love, affection and great support for her decades-long career.

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Laura Zapata rejuvenates with a modern cut and hairstyle; she is confused with Aracely Arámbula