Lety Calderón reveals details of the meeting between her son and Marjorie de Sousa: “She was shocked”

Last April 6 Marjorie deSousa He announced through his social networks that the long-awaited meeting with Luciano Colladoson of the actress Lety Calderonso he did not hesitate to share the emotional moment in which he received an engagement ring that sealed their friendship. However, now it was the Mexican actress who shared some details of what was experienced in the moving date between her firstborn and who she claims is “the great love of his life“.

It was during an interview with the program “Sale el Sol”, where Leticia Calderón narrated in detail what happened after the Venezuelan actress arrived at her meeting and how Luciano’s shocking reaction was.

My son did not know, it was a surprise, I sat him down with his back to the door, to the entrance and when I saw that Marjorie arrived I grabbed the phone to record and It was a big surprise for him I could not believe it, he was shocked“, he explained.

Excited, the proud mother confesses that she came to tears seeing her eldest son’s happiness fulfill a new dream, which is why she feels very grateful to Marjorie de Sousa.

“I obviously I was moved to tears when I saw my son’s face He couldn’t believe it and his cheeks turned red. It was very emotional and the truth is that I am very grateful to Marjorie for taking the time to meet my son and talk to him, fulfill his dream that was to meet the love of his life“, he added.

Lety recalled that her son was very embarrassed during their meeting, because although his personality is outgoing, in those moments he was paralyzed in the presence of the beautiful actress.

“The whole meal was in shock, nothing else was staring at her and she asked him something and the other answered shyly because he couldn’t believe it.”

Lety Calderon

What does the ring Luciano gave Marjorie de Sousa mean?

During the meeting, Luciano had the opportunity to bring a very special gift to Marjorie de Sousa, it is a diamond ring that will remind them of their commitment to friendship and that, as Calderón revealed, has a very special meaning for her son.

They are two brilliant, he saw it and said: ‘Look, here we are Marjorie and I’Luciano does everything he does with her in mind, we go somewhere and he wants to invite Marjorie”, said the protagonist of the telenovela ‘Esmeralda’.

And he shared that it was the 18-year-old who bought the ring with his own money and had it saved for this special occasion.

Finally, Lety Calderón stressed that she is confident that this will not be the only meeting between Luciano and Marjorie, because despite the jealousy that little Matías feltThey plan to see each other again to continue their friendship.

“When we arrived at the house, he told me: ‘Mom I want to see her again, please‘ and I told him: ‘No, wait for me for a little while,'” Calderón pointed out.

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Lety Calderón reveals details of the meeting between her son and Marjorie de Sousa: “She was shocked”