“Like a delicacy”, Anastasia Kvitko shook the nets under the Sun

The beauty Anastasia Kvitko is a gift, yes, the imposing influencer Russian dazzled even the king star himself by deciding to show off like a true delicacy under the king star. The international model decided that it was a good day to enjoy the Sun and let all her beauty delight in her rays, leaving her curvaceous figure at the mercy of the star.

the stunning Anastasia Kvitko She chose a skimpy melon-colored swimsuit that left plenty of her prominent charms in full view of her photographer’s camera and all over social media.

Anastasia Kvitko complemented her beach outfit with large sunglasses, some accessories, very natural makeup and her hair completely loose and relaxed. Kvitko, as the professional that is hers, posed face down on a comfortable bed, giving her the best angle and raising her torso to leave her face visible to the camera, her followers were delighted with the result.

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Apparently the Russian was enjoying a spectacular and relaxing day in the pool and the serenity of her face made it clear, because she looks really peaceful and beautiful. Internet users liked the photograph so much that they decided to take it up again to share it on other social network accounts where the beauty and unique styles of Anastasia Kvitko reaches a larger number of people.


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Anastasia Kvitko, the Russian model shook the nets under the Sun. Photo: Instagram.

The star of social networks and the world of fashion is undoubtedly one of the spoiled, because her followers do not stop being aware of her beauty, curves, new content and projects.

Anastasia’s characteristic beauty and curves have positioned her as a key character for many fashion, clothing and other brands; showing and empowering women, making it clear that size or weight are just a number and that natural female beauty is unique and special in all its variants. Kvitko has been compared to other big and beautiful celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Demi Rose.

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“Like a delicacy”, Anastasia Kvitko shook the nets under the Sun