Lili Estefan opens her dress and lets the photographer see from her thigh up

Lili Estefan received a huge flower arrangement at the door of her house.

Lili Estefan received a huge flower arrangement at the door of her house.

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Lili Estegan She is the charismatic host of El Gordo y la Flaca, who knows that many of her fans are truly fascinated by her legs, and they are undoubtedly spectacular. On the magenta carpet is where Lili Estefan wowed the press and got sassy. In front of the camera, she opened the bottom of her dress even more, to show her thighs and more on top.

Along with Lili Estefan, her daughter Lina also posed, and this young beauty also stole the look because she wore a spectacular white dress, short with a low neckline. It is presumed that this beauty was not wearing a bra.

Fashion in Premio Lo Nuestro

The common denominator in almost all the artists was elegance, including the exponents of urban and regional Mexican genres, which in previous years could have been out of tune, in a sea of ​​haute couture, according to the EFE agency.

Among the best dressed was Paulina Rubio, the star of the night and recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award, who arrived in a pebbled suit with silver pieces, which contrasted with her nickname “The Golden Girl.”

Others who received praise were Luis Fonsi and his wife Águeda López, who went as a group, he in a black suit without a shirt, and she with her model figure clad in a chic white dress and in a “cut out” trend, showing her ABS.

“People are more elegant than ever on this rug. But in addition, many made an effort to mark their personality in their clothes, without losing style”, Boris Izaguirre, a personality celebrated for his taste in fashion, told Efe.

Yuri in a beaded and navy blue tulle outfit, Lele Pons in apple green and Anita in black were some of the stars who stood out for their glamor in the traditional celebrity parade at the entrance of the FTX Arena, where the awards are given this year.

For his part, Camilo, one of the most nominated with 10, and his wife Eva Luna Montaner made a brief parade for the “Magenta Carpet”, both in black and excited by the imminent arrival of Indigo, their first baby together.

What did Jomari Goyso say?

Jomari Goyso was clear in saying that not all celebrities respected the label that required black and long. But this did not stop him from appreciating all those who stood out among the best with what they had chosen.

For Jomari, one of the women worthy of mention in his evaluation is Ángela Aguilar, whom he called “The fashionista of the moment”. Jomari applauds that her passion for regional Mexican music leads her to experiment with fashion, a fact that has made her, for many, not only the best dressed in the genre, but even on red carpets.

This time the men were almost better than the women on the magenta carpet. Luis Fonsi and Romeo Santos were featured. Prince Royce did not leave the label and was the best.

Natti Natasha and Anitta arrived in black, but not long, However, once again they imposed their preferences and styles in this ceremony, and although Jomari did not say that they were for him, part of the group of the worst dressed, he did not mention them in the club of those who did hit the gala.

Here the complete evaluation of Jomari Goyso:

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Lili Estefan opens her dress and lets the photographer see from her thigh up