Lili Estefan to Ángela Aguilar: “I don’t think you have to apologize. I feel like someone betrayed you.”

Lili Estefan

Lili Estefan

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Angela Eagler has received hundreds of messages of support after some photographs of her private life were leaked in which she appears with her supposed boyfriend, Gussy Lau, and that she, through a video on her Instagram account, spoke about that difficult situation that she has had to live through.

One of those who has sent her message of support to the youngest of the Aguilar family was Lili Estefan from the El Gordo y La Flaca program.

The presenter of the Univisión show expressed from the set that Angela Aguilar does not have to apologize for this situation that has surrounded her.

“First I have to tell Angela that I don’t think she needs to apologize. It’s your life, my love. I believe that something did indeed happen, I feel that someone betrayed you and did something that we know that you do not agree with that… Estefan said on the show and the video was posted on the show’s Instagram account.

In the video that Ángela Aguilar published The young woman was quite clear about how she felt after those photographs of her intimate life were aired and he has apologized for the image he has always given.

“I feel sad, disappointed. I can’t believe I’m making this video, my soul hurts. Some photos have been circulating with which I have not agreed that they should come out… I feel violated, I feel violated, of the possibility of having my own privacy and being able to decide about my life, my body, my image… It hurts me to work so much from such a young age for something like this to affect me so much…”, expressed the young singer.

In the same video, she highlights that this situation has affected her professionally, economically and in her family environment.

Many have been the personalities who have spoken out in favor of the artist through that publication. Some of them are: Johnny Caz, Jomari Goyso, Poncho de Nigris, Ana Bárbara, Jessica Maldonado, Argelia Atilano, Lipira Infante, Sherlyn and Chyntia Rodriguez.

His fans have been no exception: In the comments of the video there are lots of comments from her fans, who support her in this difficult time she is going through.

“Your true little angels will always be with you”, “Thank you for raising your voice and being so brave. You do not deserve any of this and as a society we have many things to change. We love you very much and we will be with you always”, “So much lack of empathy in this society. I love you with my soul, you are a woman to admire and I will never leave you alone”, “How sad and unfair society is in certain situations. Courage”, “Nobody has the right to interfere in your private life”, “people always want to get into privacy and that is annoying”.”, They have been some of the messages of support that have been left to the singer.

Right now, Ángela is traveling with her family to celebrate her sister’s birthday in Paris.

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Lili Estefan to Ángela Aguilar: “I don’t think you have to apologize. I feel like someone betrayed you.”