“Love would be to respect us”: Belinda and her mother’s message after Christian Nodal’s breakup announcement

At midnight on Saturday the 12th, and two days before the celebration of Valentine’s Day, the regional Mexican interpreter surprised with the announcement that he and the actress also ended their relationship.

“I want to share with you that we have decided to end our commitment and our relationship as a couple, each taking the best of the other. With much gratitude for having accompanied us during this time,” reads part of the message.

Belinda’s mother reacts after Christian Nodal’s message

Belinda did not comment immediately after Christian Nodal’s confirmation of the end of their engagement, but it took a couple of hours for her and her mother to do so.

The first to do so was the artist’s mother, who posted a message on Instagram in which she said that “love would be” that they were “given space”.

“In this time of pain we go through the mourning of one of the most beloved people in our family. With love it would be to respect and give space to all communications and opinionssince we can all go through great and painful losses,” Belinda Schüll wrote.

“We appreciate your understanding,” the message ended, along with the emoticon of a heart in black.

The news of her daughter’s breakup comes right on the first death anniversary of Doña Juana Morenograndmother of Belinda, who left this world at the age of 88 on the morning of February 10, 2021 in Madrid, Spain.

Last Friday the 11th, the family held a religious mass in memory of Doña Juana, with whom Belinda was extremely close. In fact, in one of the Instagram stories of that day, the artist admitted that I missed him a lot in these “difficult” times he was going through, without going into further details.

Belinda is not silent: this she said after Christian Nodal’s message

After her mother published the message in which she asked for “respect” and “space”, Belinda also reacted.

The 32-year-old singer replied to her mother’s message through Instagram, endorsing the words and request that Doña Belinda Schüll made before through that platform, but in addition, the artist wrote: “Yes mommy, you’re absolutely right. That’s right.”

Until the morning of this Sunday the 13th, it was the only comment that Belinda had issued after confirming the end of her relationship with Christian Nodal.

Nodal corrects statement confirming that he and Belinda ended

Christian Nodal issued a first statement in which he confirmed the breakup with Belinda, but just over an hour later corrected it and posted a new one.

The structure and words of the message with which he replaced the previous one kept much of what was said in the first, but in the new one he added the following phrase: “Everything that is speculated is false”.

And it is that after the confirmation of the separation, speculations of the reason or reasons that led to the end of their romance and wedding plans began on social networks.

Some followers claim that Belinda allegedly did not tolerate that he continued to communicate with his ex-girlfriend’s brother, the ‘influencer’ Maria Fernanda Guzmanwho was the singer’s partner before the romance with the actress of ‘Friends x Forever’ began.

This was the relationship between Nodal and Belinda

A month later, Nodal surprised tattooing Belinda’s eyes on his chest. It would be the first of at least four marks that allude to the artist and that the singer made on her body during the courtship he had with her.


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“Love would be to respect us”: Belinda and her mother’s message after Christian Nodal’s breakup announcement