Ludwika Palette without a drop of makeup and in a mini swimsuit, dazzles with her beauty at 43

Officially starting her vacation, the gorgeous actress of Polish origin, Ludwika Palette showed off his getaway to the beach no drop of makeup and in mini swimsuit, dazzling with its natural beauty and that does not expire over the years. The leading actress of the hit Netflix series, Mother there are only twoposed happily and calmly sunbathing, showing that at 43 years of age she is better than ever.

Ludwika Palette, who since last year has been working intensely on various projects, boasted how beautiful she looks after 40, as if time had not passed through her life. In a tiny swimsuit and together with her children, Ludwika Paleta shared with her fans how much fun she has as a family.

In the photograph that she published through her stories on Instagram, the beautiful actress who played the unforgettable Maria Joaquina in the classic soap opera Carouselwore a tiny, modern and youthful black swimsuit with fish print in neon tones, which were combined with a nice blue satin visor, which covered her face from the sun.

In addition to his indisputable talent, Ludwika Palette She is one of the celebrities who has drawn attention for the way in which she hides the years, since she still has the same face since she was a young girl, always looking fantastic and radiant, so she is not afraid to show her completely washed face and without using the already famous filters.

This was demonstrated on this occasion by taking advantage of her trip to the beach to leave glamor behind and detoxify her skin from so much makeup that her profession requires, to enjoy 100% of her space with her family without posing, a whole beauty natural!

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Although Ludwika Palette did not reveal the place where she enjoys her Easter holidays, the beautiful actress of Friends and rivals Y Wooden woman He shared a little bit of his happiness by posting a short video of his little daughter Bárbara, one of his twins together with Sebastián.

And it is that, despite the fact that the actress sister of Dominika Palette She avoids publishing much about her family, especially about her husband, the son of the former president of Mexico, Carlos Salinas de Gortari, Emiliano Salinas, suddenly pampers his followers with images of his privacy, which they fall in love with.

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However, recently, Ludwika Palette She opened a TikTok account, where little by little she has shared videos and various moments that she does not always share on Instagram, in addition to hilarious videos that have made her one of the favorites for her grace, talent and beauty.

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In addition, she has obsessed her fans by sharing her beauty tips, which, without a doubt, we all want to copy, as well as evidence of her trips, like this last one to the beach, of which she made a small video that shows her in a beautiful spring dress. yellow, while walking barefoot and with a cup of coffee in the sand.

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Ludwika Palette without a drop of makeup and in a mini swimsuit, dazzles with her beauty at 43