“Luis, see you in court”: Sasha Sokol will take legal action against Luis de Llano

sasha sokol He published an extensive text on social networks to ensure that he will take legal action on the alleged abuse he experienced with the producer Luis de Llano Macedo when she was 14 and he was 39.

“Almost a month has passed since my statement on March 8.

I thought that I would not have to speak any more on this subject, but the circumstances leave me no alternative.

Luis lies when he wants to involve my parents saying that the relationship was “transparent”. Nothing is further from the truth. Transparency? Is seriously?

My parents found out about the relationship TWO YEARS AFTER it started.

I repeat, when it started I was 14; when they found out I was approaching 16. How could they have consented to something they didn’t know existed?

Of course my mother contemplated suing Luis de Llano criminally. The lawyers dissuaded her with the same arguments that inhibit so many people from defending themselves against abuse: lack of adequate legislation, stigmatization, fear, shame.

She chose to face Luis and he promised to stay away from me. He immediately took me out of Timbiriche, sending me to a boarding school abroad. But even in Boston, Luis and I continue to talk daily on the phone and he arranged several meetings, again behind my parents back.

How can you call “transparent” a relationship that was almost entirely hidden?

I have proof of everything I say. He does not, since they do not exist. “He said in a first part.

And continued:

“Perhaps the image of this text, which a friend with whom I shared that time wrote to me on March 10, contextualizes how old I was:

‘All these years I have preserved with amazement the memory of some afternoons in which we met with you, at Luis’s house -on Mariscal Street-, to watch episodes of ‘Mundo de Juguete’ eating cookies. We were kids, damn it!”

doWhat leads a minor to have sex with an adult? The term is known as GROOMING: “It is a series of behaviors and actions undertaken by an adult, with the deliberate objective of gaining the trust of a minor, creating an emotional connection, in order to sexually abuse him‘.

Luis was admired and applauded by everyone around me. Can you imagine what a minor feels receiving the attention of someone like this? Being seen by him made me feel like the most special girl in the world.

When a minor feels a mixture of admiration and trust in front of an adult, their internal alarms DO NOT go off. On the contrary, he appreciates the attention that he considers a gift.

By trying to put the blame on my mom—people who can’t see what they can’t see—they simply dilute the responsibility of the one who is to blame. And there is nothing that revictimizes the victim more than maintaining the impunity of the perpetrator.

In forty years of artistic career I have only spoken publicly about my private life on two occasions and both obey the same intention: raise awareness about the risks that young people experience.

What I did by sharing the truth was not with the intention of stoning Luis. They stone him for his actions.

Luis: To think that you did not act in an immoral way is what is immoral.

See you in court”, ends the message.

The former Timbiriche made known for the first time the apparent abuse she experienced by the producer, on March 8, within the framework of International Women’s Day.

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“Luis, see you in court”: Sasha Sokol will take legal action against Luis de Llano