Luisito Comunica responded to Lele Pons’ remarks: “I don’t throw hate, I’m not like that”

Luisito and Lele's controversy is not over yet (Photos: Cuartoscuro/gettyimages)
Luisito and Lele’s controversy is not over yet (Photos: Cuartoscuro/gettyimages)

The controversy between influencers Luisito Comunica and Lele Pons does not end, because recently the youtuber Mexican responded to the Venezuelan assuring her that “she does not throw hate for to him “it is not so”.

And it is that it all started when in an interview the poblano said that when he approached the interpreter for the first time you notice, she told him that she didn’t know how to speak spanish. This situation was strange for Luisito since he had in mind that Lele carries Venezuelan descent.

“At that time Lele Pons had not put on the shirt of I am Latina, was still come Y it was displayed as: I totally speak English, I’m American. So I say, this is Lele Pons, I’m going to greet her, since I thought I had heard somewhere that she was Venezuelan and must speak Spanish. I arrive waving and he tells me ‘Sorry I don’t speak Spanish’ and continued on his phone”, said the influencer Mexican.

Some time later, when theboom Latino” of content creators emerged in the United States, Lele Pons began to show off her Venezuelan genetics on social networks, which surprised Luisito Comunica when he recalled that experience with the young woman.

Lele Pons told Radio Divaza that Luisito apologized Photo: Instagram/@hey_amstudio
Lele Pons told Radio Divaza that Luisito apologized Photo: Instagram/@hey_amstudio

“This tremendous she is latin when it suits her”, narrated the youtuber native of Puebla, Mexico.

After that, the singer also broke the silence and said she was surprised at Luisito’s words, since, according to her comments, “they don’t know each other” and have several friends in common.

“No, that never happened, that’s not true. People who know me know that when I meet someone new I am willing to say hello and do TikTok. I was shocked. How is it possible that a person who does not know me, does not know anything about my life, he is a friend of my friends, says that in an interview. I have never spoken ill of Luisito, I admired him, ”Lele commented before the cameras of The Divaza Y Jose.

Later, the Venezuelan showed some apology messages that the Mexican influencer had sent her after her statements: “Lele I want to apologize if you felt bad about the interview”, Said the messages that Pons showed.

Therefore, the content creator mentioned that “It’s horrible” that a man takes advantage of his position of power behind a microphone and talk about a woman only to pass as “funny”.

Luisito Comunica assured he does not like it "throw hate" (Photo: Instagram@luisitocomunica)
Luisito Comunica assured that he does not like to “throw hate” (Photo: Instagram@luisitocomunica)

“For me a man who speaks ill of a woman just to want to be funny is horrible… because you don’t know me you don’t know anything about my life and you have no right to label me”, highlighted the Venezuelan.

After the words of Lele Pons, the poblano indicated that the anecdote he told was taken out of context, since he He did not narrate said story with the intention of directly attacking the Venezuelan.

“I even said right there because I knew it could happen, that I didn’t want gossip to be made, we were telling it as a compilation of funny stories but obviously people cut the piece that serves for gossip because they like it, but no, really I don’t shoot hateI am not like that, I do not like that they think that of me, and the best vibes for Lele, my respects for everything she has done and everything she has achieved and good that it stays there, ”said the poblano in his account of Instagram.


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Luisito Comunica responded to Lele Pons’ remarks: “I don’t throw hate, I’m not like that”