María Manotas broke the silence and revealed details of her separation from Alejandro Riaño

Maria Alejandra Manotas, Colombian entrepreneur and content creator, recently surprised all her followers and confirmed that she officially separated from Alejandro Riañoafter more than six years of romantic relationship.

Through a post on Instagram, The also architect assured that the decision to end their love relationship was made by mutual agreement because they were focused on different projects. Likewise, she indicated that she will always have her love and support.

“Today we want to tell you, to end the gossip, that from love we have made the decision to end our relationship. We understood that we were on different paths and we will always support each other as parents and friends.” precise.

Several days after announcing this news, the content creator spoke exclusively with SEMANA and revealed some details of her separation from the renowned comedian, who closed his Twitter account last week.

The Valle del Cauca, in the same way, pointed out that she currently has a very good relationship with Alejandro Riaño and that they help each other with the care of their three little children.

“We had been talking about the issue of separation for a long time, resolving things in private as a couple. However, the moment came when we said that the pod was not working. We tried and tried, but it was better to walk away.” initially stated.

Then he added: “We have had a very good relationship so far, obviously not everything is perfect. The truth is that we have a good relationship and we have three children, so we have to lead the party in peace. It’s nice to be able to wear it in great shape.”

Manotas, in the same way, took advantage of the dialogue with this medium to tell that the exponential success that the comedian began to have in recent years had something to do with the deterioration of the relationship.

“In a way, that success is part of the reason we decided to part ways. Each one dedicated himself to working on his own, I dedicated myself to creating my companies. I also focused on being a person and not living in his shadow. I supported him as far as he could and he gave us love ”, pointed out.

On the other hand, the Valle del Cauca indicated that she is currently focused on her two companies (Caoba and Every Day Love) and on raising her three young children. Likewise, she invited all women to focus on the things that make them truly happy.

The content creator finally explained what her day to day is like and how she distributes her time to fulfill all the activities she has, both at work and at home.

“It’s a daily challenge, you have to have a lot of organization and discipline. Obviously, I have someone to help me around the house, as we all need help. The father also collaborates because the men also have to take care of the children”, concluded.

Rumors about the separation of María Alejandra Manotas and Alejandro Riaño began a few weeks ago because they stopped posting photos and videos together on social networks.

It should be remembered that the Bogotano pointed out last year in an interview with Laura Acuña that during the coronavirus pandemic they were close to separating. However, Manotas became pregnant and they decided to keep trying.

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María Manotas broke the silence and revealed details of her separation from Alejandro Riaño