Mayrín Villanueva shows how to look elegant in a tailored suit and tennis shoes, after 50

With all the elegance, class, and at the same time joviality that identify her, Mayrin Villanueva shows how to look elegant in a tailored suit and sneakers, after 50, to look fashionable and fresh as a thirtysomething. The beautiful protagonist of the telenovela If they let us He showed off his sophisticated outfit through his networks.

Mayrin Villanueva radiated freshness, beauty and elegance in a beautiful tailored suit that he combined with tennis, after the incredible and exciting ending of his telenovela, If they let uswho starred alongside Marcus Ornellas and Alexis Ayala.

With mixed feelings for having reached the end of a moving and powerful story, based on the successful Woman’s look; but at the same time, very satisfied, proud and grateful for the incredible production that broke all rating records from start to finish, the actor’s beautiful wife Edward Santamarinacelebrated the success with his fans in networks.

In addition, both Mayrín, like the rest of the cast, and her daughter Romina Pozaand even Ariadne Díaz, wife of Marcus Ornellas, met in a house to see the end together, sharing the most emotional and sensational moments with their fans through their Instagram accounts.

What’s more, Mayrin Villanueva She delighted her followers by showing off a postcard where she appears gorgeous, wearing a rather elegant look, but with an informal and youthful touch, which created the perfect balance and reflected all her beauty and style.

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It is a nice tailored suit that he combined with white tennis shoes, where the key used by the actress of I love Juan Querendon It was the style of the outfit in its oversize form in an old pink color, which she combined with a white t-shirt underneath, and where she matched her sneakers with a strip of the same color as the garment.

What’s more, Mayrin Villanueva showed off her hair loose and in light waves, with an outstanding and flattering brown tint with honey and caramel highlights, which give her face the necessary shine, making her look younger.

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When does Neighbors premiere?

A few days ago, the gorgeous 51-year-old actress gave details of what will be the new season of Neighborswhich they are already recording, and in which Benito Rivers, played by the actor, will unfortunately no longer appear. Octavio Ocanawho passed away in October 2021.

The producer of the program created by Eugenio Derbez, Elijah Solorio Lara announced that the 12th season of Vecinos will premiere next Sunday, March 28 at 7:30 p.m. on Las Estrellas, on Televisa.

Without a doubt, fans of Mayrin Villanueva They must be the happiest to be able to have the beautiful actress on the screen for so long, who has proven to be one of the most beloved television stars and who has remained in the public’s taste for the longest time, not only for her beauty that does not expire with the passing of the years, but also because of his great talent.

For now, May continues to enjoy her work, while living day by day with her beautiful family, especially with her children. Romina Poza, Sebastian Poza and Julia Santamarinawith whom he has shown that he has an excellent relationship, not only as mother and children, but also as friends.

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Mayrín Villanueva shows how to look elegant in a tailored suit and tennis shoes, after 50