Mommy Jordan is not the only one; famous Dominicans who have had problems with justice for minors

Mary Esther Rodríguez, better known as Mommy Jordan She was arrested after a defamation lawsuit filed against her by fellow Instagrammers La Patrona and Jenn Quezada.

According to the information uploaded to social networks Mommy Jordan had insulted a minor, the son of La Patrona, which, according to what was reported, has allegedly caused the child to receive bullying by their peers at school.

Before his arrest, La Patrona reacted with the following message: “Thanks to Conani, thanks to the Santiago and Santo Domingo Prosecutor’s Office, thanks to the National Police, my lawyer Andrés Toribio, thank you for letting us know that the Justice and respect for Dominican children does exist. Only real mothers know how much a child hurts.”

It is not the first time that the controversial Mommy Jordan has been involved in problems with the Justice. In 2020, the National Council for Children and Adolescents (Conani) investigated her for having published a video where she danced erotically for her underage son.

It was reported that the act violated articles 333 on sexual assault, 331 on incest and article 26 on the right to image protection of the Code of Criminal Procedure.

As well as violates article 396 of law 136-03 regarding the psychological and sexual abuse of minors.

other famous

She is not the only one who has had to answer to the Justice for exposing minors on the networks. A couple of years ago in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, the urban exponent Don Miguelo He was arrested for sharing videos of girls inappropriately dancing one of his songs on his social networks.

The urban music singer was arrested in the city of San Francisco de Macorís, for posting videos of minors dancing the challenge of his song ‘And what was it?’ through her social networks.

Don Miguelo’s arrest occurred several hours after he was questioned by the Public Ministry about the films involving minors.

Prior to his arrest, Don Miguelo said that he published the audiovisuals since he had the consent of the parents of the adolescents who appear in them.

At that time, the lawyer of the interpreter of “La vainita”, Francisco Rodríguez, questioned the arrest of the artist, since he voluntarily went to the Palace of Justice.

However, the Attorney General’s Office reported that, although the artist had the approval of the parents for the publication of the audiovisual, his actions constitute a violation of the Code for the Protection and Fundamental Rights of Children and Adolescents ( Law 136-03).

The Public Ministry explained that it proceeded with his submission to the Justice and requested the imposition of a coercive measure because, in this case, the singer Don Miguelo has violated Article 26 of said law, which establishes the right to protection of the image of minors.

Finally, a judge of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention of the judicial district of San Francisco de Macorís, Duarte province, imposed the freedom of the artist with periodic presentation as a measure of coercion against the urban music singer Miguel Ángel Valerio Lebrón (Don Miguelo).

Secret “The famous baby bottle”

In 2011, Odalís Pérez Vicioso, known in the art world as Secreto “El Famoso Biberón” had to go to the District Attorney for Children and Families of the National District to answer for the accusation of using a minor in a music video allegedly drinking alcoholic beverages and simulating a sexual act.

The complaint against the artist and the Yacusa Record company was filed by the parents of the minor, whose name was omitted for legal reasons, through the lawyers José Rafael Ariza and Ricardo Sosa.

According to the complaint, a music video was made, which circulates on the Internet, where the minor is observed drinking alcoholic beverages and simulating a sexual act, in a totally adult dance while the dembow “Package of”.

The lawyer stated that the minor had already been questioned by psychologists, whose statements were contained in a video, which will be presented to the Prosecutor’s Office as evidence so as not to subject her to questioning again and not victimize her.

Rochy RD

One of the most complicated facts involves the popular exponent of urban music Aderly Ramírez, known as Rochy RD, who continues to be detained after being investigated in the Unit of gender violence and sexual crimes of the Santo Domingo Este prosecutor’s office, for a complaint about an alleged sexual assault on minors.

It was in April of this year, when a leaked document was released to the press, detailing that the complaint was made by a woman living in that municipality who found out that her 16-year-old daughter had sexual intercourse. with Rochy RD.

It was also noted that other urban figures were involved in the complaint and would have served as intermediaries to take the minor to a villa in Los Frailes where the act was committed.

The document states that, in several videos posted on the networks, one of those figures comes out stating that he is the one who chooses the brides of the urban Rochy RD and that 4, 5 and even 6 live in the same house.

In the event that the Prosecutor’s Office finds sufficient evidence to corroborate this complaint, Rochy RD and the others involved could face charges of seduction and sexual assault on minors and pimping, respectively, with prison sentences of more than two to ten years, fines of 100 thousand to one million pesos, according to art 334-1 of the Penal Code and art. 334 of Law 24-97.

For the same fact, the figure of the networks known as the insane.

Judge Leomar Cruz, of the Judicial Office of Permanent Attention Services of the Palace of Justice from Santo Domingo East, issued three months of preventive detention as a measure of coercion against Esteisi Peña Santana (La Demente), 18 years old, accused of sexual exploitation of minors for commercial purposes and linked to the process for assaulting a 16-year-old adolescent who follows the urban rhythms performer Aderly Ramírez Oviedo (Rochy RD).

The defendant complies with the measure in Najayo Mujeres, in San Cristóbal.

“The Santo Domingo Este Prosecutor’s Office wants to match the National District Prosecutor’s Office with big sound cases and brought a process here that seems to be the last of the year and made a show with this minor,” said the legal representative of La Demente Ysmael Medina.

“The subject”

In July 2012, the urban merengue singer was arrested, Joan Manuel Novas, known in the artistic world as The Subject, accused of seducing a minor.

The artist was taken to the Palace of Justice of the Province of Santo Domingo.

The subject was also accused of threatening a sister of the minor, whose name is omitted to preserve the identity of the alleged seduced.

The prosecutor of Santo Domingo, at that time, Olga Diná Llaverías said that regardless of who it is, the cases that reach the institution are followed up until the last consequence.

Diná Llaverías stated that this is an act of public order and that the best interests of children and adolescents prevail.

The Crok investigated for the death of a child under 17

Last year, the urban exponent Michael Valdez de la Rosa, better known as the Crok, was released after being investigated in the Felicidad de Los Mina detachment, in relation to the death of a 17-year-old minor.

According to a video that circulated on social networks and after several hours of investigation, the urban man was later sent home.

However, the expertise was still ongoing and the results of the forensic analyzes were awaited to determine the causes of the minor’s death.

It was reported that the National Police was investigating the circumstances in which the minor died while sharing with the former member of Los Pepes in a residence in the Los Corales sector of Santo Domingo Este.

“The circumstances of the death of a minor under 17 years of age who had shared with the urban exponent known as “el Crok”, famous for the song “Pepe” and “Jalapeño” with Double T, is investigated by the institution of the order”, they review.

According to the information, the minor was identified as Mayelin Gómez Encarnación, whose reasons for her death have not yet been clarified.

Jail and extradition for Franklin The Boss

In 2011, the merengue singer was arrested in the Dominican Republic for the alleged crime of child trafficking. In addition, it is also required by the United States Justice.

According to what People en Español published at the time, the singer was accused of belonging to a network that prostituted Hispanic minors in the state of North Carolina, which was discovered after a 14-year-old girl was found in 2003. run away and report the crime.

The minor assured at the time that the Dominican and the rest of the alleged criminal gang recruited young girls under deception and then sold their services by offering clients 15 minutes of sex for $25.

In addition, to the Dominican artist, who in 2005 launched the merengue group The Boss, which was described as the new musical revelation -among whose songs he released I do not want to fall in love, ask her, The butter Y Crazy- He was wanted to be tried in the North Carolina District Court of the United States, where he is accused of conspiring, colluding and agreeing with others to the sexual trafficking of minors and sexual trafficking by means of coercion.

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Mommy Jordan is not the only one; famous Dominicans who have had problems with justice for minors