“My mother died without knowing that they abused me”: Natalia Durán

The renowned Colombian actress Natalia Durán recently revealed to public opinion the abuse she had suffered during her childhoodin an interview for the Show channel 1 entertainment I know everything. yeshowever, after another meeting in the media, this time on the program ‘Day by day’, of Caracol Radio, gave more details about how difficult this situation had been.

In the middle of her speech, the actress also opened her heart to the listeners, telling about the processes she has had to face in her fight against thyroid cancer that forced her to undergo several surgeries, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. “We have the ability to retain memories from a very young age and even more so when there is a trauma. We have to start managing our emotions, we are in a punishing society, they don’t teach us how to manage emotions “he stated for the aforementioned medium, referring to the fact that these childhood traumas would be, in part, responsible for his current health problems.

“For me, this disease goes far beyond the physical, which is very important to treat in all comprehensive ways, it is trying to understand that emotional origin that leads the body to make a reaction against it”explained to the panelists and listeners, about the way in which this woman sees her own illness, which would be linked to the abuses she experienced in her childhood by her biological father.

“For that I had to go to my past with this very strong imprint of sexual abuse and, as a result of this imprint, understand all the phenomena that have happened in my life”indicated the actress, mentioning that one of the causes of her illness had been confessing the sexual abuse, physical and psychological abuse to which she was subjected, since according to her revelation, even her mother would have died without knowing the truth about her past. .

“Fortunately, intuitively, at some point, although she didn’t know it, she felt it and that’s when she decided to leave. But she never knew… She died without knowing it. She simply told her mom’s intuition something about her and she left, but she never knew it “, He asserted in the middle of his interview for Caracol Radio, stating that despite the suspicions that his biological mother had, Durán would not have been able to confess to his mother about the abuses that Fernando Segura, his father, would have committed against him.

It is noteworthy that, in previous weeks, the actress explained the situations she had experienced in her childhood. “I have two dads. I am Natalia Durán because I am adopted by Mauricio Durán. My biological father sexually abused me until I was three years old.” expressed to I know everything.

The revelation made by the actress of more than 15 soap operas left her followers dismayedespecially to some women who felt identified with their testimony.

“How sad that history repeats itself in many women of similar times, I was also abused and I am almost the same age. Why do men do this cruel damage to girls, they leave us marked for life? lamented Andrea Alvarez.

Moved by the story, Paola Acevedo expressed her admiration for the actress’s courage and added that “definitely one cannot imagine everything that is behind a person.”

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“My mother died without knowing that they abused me”: Natalia Durán