Natalia Durán says that her mother died without knowing that she was abused

A few days ago the model and actress Natalia Duran He opened his heart and revealed, through his YouTube channel, that he was the victim of sexual abuse by his biological father, Fernando Segura, when he was just a girl.

It was a father who sexually abused me until I was 3 years old.… He abused me in every way, violently, sexually, he mistreated my mother in front of me. He abused her too“he said in the video.

A strong testimony that he decided to share because, from his beliefs, “illnesses have to do with emotional impacts.” In such a way that she has been doing a job of introspection to understand the relationship between the cancer he suffers from and his childhood traumas.

For me, this disease goes far beyond the physical, which is very important to treat in all comprehensive ways, it is trying to understand that emotional origin that leads the body to make a reaction against it. For that I had to go to my past with this very strong imprint of sexual abuse and, as a result of this imprint, understand all the phenomena that have happened in my life, “said the actress in an interview with ‘Caracol Radio’.

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Natalia Duran

Natalia’s mother died of breast cancer when she was only 16 years old.

The actress stressed that she is sure that her illness is related to the abusive situations she experienced as a child. A memory that has allowed her to understand many things about herself and to initiate a process of both physical and mental healing, in which giving her testimony has played a fundamental role.

I am sure that the thyroid cancer that I have at this moment has to do with having silenced my voice. So, as an act of healing towards herself, she had to speak up… Also, abuse, more than anything in this world, has to be spoken about.“, expressed the artist in the aforementioned station.

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In addition, Natalia Durán revealed that her mother never found out about the abuse she was a victim of, but that she was always a warrior who gave her all the love she could.

Fortunately, intuitively, at some point, although she didn’t know it, she felt it and that was when she decided to leave. But she never knew… She died without knowing it. She simply intuition of her of her mother something of hers told her and she left, but she never knew“, he confirmed.

According to the statements made by the model, her mother could not identify that her partner was an abuser because he did not leave strong marks. In fact, Natalia herself took time to understand and recognize that she had been a victim of her father.

Traumatic impacts remain as a mark

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“Abuse generates biological imprints that generate confusion in the mind and brain. So it is not easy for a child to simply say: ‘Oh, mom, look what happened to me’… One gets confused, one does not understand, one does not have a clear connotation,” he explained.

Finally, the actress asked parents to pay attention to their own mental health and learn to manage their emotions to generate healthy environments and dialogue with their childrenso that children feel confident to talk about abuse or any other topic.

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I insist a lot that we have to start taking responsibility for managing our own emotions. At the moment when the leaders of the house: dad, mom, siblings, whatever, decide to take responsibility for their emotional and psychological universe, an environment is created where you can talk about feelings without punishment, where you can talk about the bad, where you can talk about the amazing“, he pointed out in the interview with ‘Caracol Radio’.

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Natalia Durán says that her mother died without knowing that she was abused