Natalia Téllez’s most toxic relationship: she gave details of the ex who made her live “madness and chaos”

Before finding this peace and balance that she enjoys with Zabala, Natalia suffered from a toxic relationship, as she confessed in a recent interview on ‘Pinky Promise’, Karla Díaz’s YouTube program, which she attended with her friends from ‘Netas divinas’ , Daniela Magun and Paola Rojas.

Natalia Téllez spoke about the most toxic relationship she has ever had

In a question and answer dynamic of ‘Pinky Promise’, the ‘Ninis’ actress not only accepted that she was in a toxic relationship, but also gave details about why it became something negative and gave clues about the person with who lived this facet of his life.

After the question “How has your most toxic relationship been?, Téllez explained that this former courtship immersed her in “an eternal power game”, because the two were very similar.

This clash between the two turned a relationship that was initially characterized by being very funny, into something extremely tiring for her.

However, this toxic relationship also helped him in his life and taught him valuable lessons.

“I learned a lot about myself, like I mirrored myself a lot in him, a lot. But I also learned the things that I shouldn’t do, that I shouldn’t look for. The things I click wrong, the places I shouldn’t go.”

The actress recognized that without this toxic relationship she would not be the person she is today; therefore, she appreciates the experience.

“Without that I would not have grown to the point where I am now, which I appreciate. The tranquility, having someone who gives you peace and balance, instead of more madness and chaos, in your madness and chaos.

With whom did Natalia Téllez live her most toxic relationship?

The actress commented on several occasions that her ex-boyfriend looked a lot like her, although she did not specify what kind of similarities they had regarding character or personality. However, she did reveal something they have in common: they are both drivers.

“I learned not to date people who are drivers,” he joked.

While this statement is humorous, it actually presented a truth about her ex-boyfriend’s profession. Karla Díaz asked Natalia if she wanted to reveal the name of the partner with whom she had this toxic relationship or if she only agreed that she is a driver.

However, before Téllez could respond, Paola Rojas decided to give another clue: she simulated a sneeze and expressed “ACHU”. Immediately, she referred to Natalia and told her “You just gave the second part”, but the host of ‘Netas Divinas’ refused.

Although the driver reserved the name, several of her fans were quick to draw their conclusions about who Natalia was referring to, who also expressed that said toxic relationship was not long ago.

Natalia Téllez made it clear that a toxic relationship is not always born because your partner is a bad person, but also because of what they are together.

“(A) toxic relationship is sometimes not because the person is shit, it’s like the click you make with the person.”

Natalia Téllez’s boyfriends

The host of ‘Netas divinas’ has had well-known courtships with various celebrities. When she was a teenager, she had a relationship of more than 6 years with Billy Méndez, the guitarist of the Mexican band Motel.

Later, he walked with the former RBD, the actor and singer Christopher Uckermann. Her courtship lasted from 2014 to 2016. Three years later, in 2019, her relationship with Chumel Torres, the youtuber and host of “Elpulso de la República” became public.

Together with Chumel, he lived a romance of less than a year and, after their breakup, both expressed that they had ended on good terms.

After her courtship with the driver, Natalia coincided at a party with Antonio Zabala, whom she met several years ago at the CEA and liked at the time.

“I saw him at a party and told him, ‘I’ve liked you for a long time,’ the end. I didn’t tell her ‘let’s go out’, I told her ‘I liked you’, past tense, ”she commented in an episode of ‘Netas divinas’.

At the end of the party, Natalia gave Zabala her number and the rest is history. Currently, both enjoy their role as parents of their daughter Emilia, who was born in early 2022.

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Natalia Téllez’s most toxic relationship: she gave details of the ex who made her live “madness and chaos”