Nodal spent millions of dollars on Belinda: this cost his most expensive gifts

At just 23 years old, Christian Nodal is crowned one of the most successful Regional Mexican singers of the time, which not only consolidated him in the music industry, but also allowed him to enjoy a great fortune, including luxury cars and exclusive real estate properties.

Nodal spent millions of dollars during his relationship Belinda: his most luxurious gifts

His economic ease made it easy for him to invest millions of dollars in his relationship with Belinda, whom he consented to with luxurious gifts during the year and a half that their courtship lasted.

Belinda’s engagement ring.

The most expensive and luxurious gift that Christian Nodal gave Belinda is undoubtedly the engagement ring: a piece of jewelry full of diamonds in the ring and a central 12 ct emerald cut diamond.

The prestigious American jeweler Angel City Jewelers, famous among celebrities, was responsible for this precious jewel valued at 3 million dollars.

The marriage proposal dinner

Christian Nodal proposed to Belinda at the exclusive restaurant ‘Salvaje’ in Barcelona.

The singer of ‘Botella after bottle’ opted for privacy and decided to have the

enclosure just for them, for which he had to pay around 25 thousand euros (approximately 28.5 thousand dollars). To that figure must be added the money he spent to turn the restaurant into a romantic setting with candles and thousands of roses.

According to Interflora, a Barcelona flower shop, a dozen roses is valued at 84.99 euros ($96.72 USD).

Although it is unknown how many roses filled the “Salvaje” restaurant and the flower shop that the singer chose with romance. However, what is a fact is that several dozen were present, so Nodal undoubtedly spent several thousand euros on this detail.

Tattoos dedicated to Belinda

Nodal ventured to wear Belinda on his skin with a total of 4 confirmed tattoos, among which is the large design of the singer’s eyes on his chest, made by tattoo artist Ollie Venegas.

According to Ollie’s Instagram page, a palm-sized tattoo in white and gray with no background colors was worth $200 as of December 2019.

Today, on its official page, it states that the smallest tattoo costs 100 dollars, so probably the one on the palm of a hand already costs more than 200 dollars.

In the case of the tattoo of Belinda’s eyes on Nodal’s chest, the design far exceeds the size of the palm of a hand, so the figure surely amounted to more than 600 dollars.

It is unknown if Ollie tattooed the other designs dedicated to his ex-girlfriend, but regardless of whether it was him or another tattoo artist, it is clear that Nodal invested a lot of money in taking Belinda on the skin.

Plus, now that they’re cut, they’ll probably also decide to invest a hefty sum to cover up or remove these tattoos.

Romantic dinners, trips and more

Throughout their relationship, Nodal and Belinda enjoyed multiple romantic dinners, including several that they shared with their fans.

When Nodal asked Beli to be his girlfriend, their dinner included fireworks. In addition, when they celebrated her first anniversary, the singer surprised her with a romantic evening full of roses, delicious food and a room with white walls that served as a screen to reproduce her best moments.

During their relationship, they also enjoyed exploring the world. Several of their trips were made through Nodal’s private jet, which requires a disbursement of 17 thousand dollars each time it is used.

Cartagena de Indias, Colombia was one of the last destinations they enjoyed together. In this place, the couple showed off their love on a yacht with a Jacuzzi.

The most expensive yacht of Prime Experiences, a luxury yacht service in Cartagena de Indias, has a rental cost of 13,657 dollars per day. However, the yacht that Belinda and Nodal were on was surely more expensive because it included a jacuzzi.

In addition to these experiences, Nodal also gave Belinda clothes, bags and more jewelry, so that during the year and a half of their relationship the singer paid a lot of money for his now ex-girlfriend.

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Nodal spent millions of dollars on Belinda: this cost his most expensive gifts