Noelia shows off new projects wearing a flirtatious outfit

The famous singer and businesswoman Noeliaalways surprises her fans with her social media content, now she did it through one of her most flirtatious outfits and although it was not revealing, it could certainly be considered one of the most flirtatious.

The flirty video shared by the interpreter of “Yo No Fallé” is one of the most recent on her official Instagram account, where the pretty singer surprisingly it has more than 2 million 100 thousand followers, until the moment of writing this note.

The beautiful businesswoman was wearing a fitted set With its beautiful silhouette in black, this monochromatic design would attract the attention of anyone, it consisted of a pair of translucent tights with silver stones.

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This Puerto Rican beauty also wore a silver mesh top with lots of glitter and a black leather jacket, bag and black boots, which matched her outfit.


Although the images only last a couple of seconds, we find something curious and that is that several reporters tried to interview Noelia and get to know your opinion.

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Noelia surprises fans with her figure | Instagram noeliaofficial

Surely the reporters wanted to know his opinion about the leader’s statements to the group with which he would participate as a special guest in the last concert on April 2 in Tijuana, given that both his presentation and his life were in danger, due to certain acts towards his person and musicians.

Despite this, like any professional, the influential businesswoman who owns several companies that have stood out for their growing popularity and acceptance by the public, such as Noelicious, Cherryland VIP, Celebriffy and Noelia’s Cabaret, just to mention a few, was that He decided to answer something simple.

She simply moves forward, something she has done for years, has always done and managed to overcome any negative situation that threatens her career, as happened a couple of weeks ago at said concert.

She also stated that she had many projects, so she surely does not plan to stagnate with this matter, which only takes up her time, since she has more important projects, so she simply continues to focus on what is really important to her.

You are a woman’s dream, I love you beautiful little girl, “commented an admirer.

Noelia was ready to go out and enjoy a delicious dinner with her friends and her team, as she herself mentioned in her description, the place is called Craig’s Vegan in Las Vegas, United States.

At the moment the publication of the businesswoman, model and singer has more than 50 thousand reproductions and hundreds of comments where, as usual, they admire her beauty.

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Noelia shows off new projects wearing a flirtatious outfit