Omar Chaparro mocked Alfredo Adame’s “bicycle kicks”

Omar Chaparro mocks Alfredo Adame’s “bicycle kicks”

After his most recent public brawl against the legal representative of Carlos Trejothe controversial Mexican driver, Alfred Adame, It has positioned itself again in the trend of social networks derived from its questionable martial arts practices.

The fact has caused users and personalities from the show business to mock the incident and the way the former host of Today. This time it was the turn of Omar Chaparro, with whom he has already had some run-ins.

As part of his most recent promotion for his new movie And how is he? where he shares credits with Mauricio Ochmanthe Mexican actor appeared in the most recent broadcast of the program In the air from television, There the comedian also delved into his new project; Nevertheless, What caused the most to talk about was at the close of the morning, where he made fun of Adame’s kicks.

Omar Chaparro mocks Alfredo Adame's bicycle kicks Photo: Instagram/@omarchaparro
Omar Chaparro mocks Alfredo Adame’s bicycle kicks Photo: Instagram/@omarchaparro

And it is that when all the hosts of the morning Paola Rojas, Odalys Ramírez and Carlos Urtado got together to thank the audience of Televisa for tuning them. Omar Chaparro was seen joking with Urtado and, as a game, they simulated a fight, but now to say “Hit him, hit him, I know karate, look”lay down on the ground and imitated the controversial fighting moves of Alfred Adame.

Immediately, Carlos Urtado shared the comical moment on his social networks with the description: “Bicycle kick, courtesy @omarchaparro”and as expected, his followers quickly understood the reference of the also singer, there the publication in less than 24 hours gathered a little more than 6 thousand views with some mocking reactions against the Mexican presenter.

This is not the first time that the leading actor of everyone falls, is positioned against Alfredo Adame, it was in one of the past interviews of the YouTube program, the parrot, where Chaparro argued that “Unlike Alfredo Adame, I did train all my life”, statements that reached his also professional colleague.

Omar Chaparro used a phrase from Adame to respond to the controversy Credit (Video: Instagram/@vengalalaegriatva)

Alfredo Adame, in a meeting with various media, responded to the head of the program Tu-Night with Omar Chaparro.

“Coach piter* of the stars who said they didn’t exist (kicks) and Omar Chaparro’s whipper who said he wasn’t a black belt and stuff, all those envious people, remember that success poisons and frustration, bitterness , complexes and envy, because they are very light sleepers”, he stressed.

After Adame’s statements, Omar Chaparro took advantage of the space he gave come the joy to use a phrase by Alfredo Adame to respond to the controversy; there the actor mentioned that he could also become unbearable if attacked.

“There is a very nice phrase, which in fact I agree with him (Alfredo Adame), I heard it in one of his books, I really liked it a lot and it says: ‘I I’m very cool until I get fucked ‘”deepened with laughter the actor who dubbed the voice of Pikachu in Pokemon: Detective Pikachu.

Alfredo Adame suffers a spectacular fall during a fight.  (Photo: Twitter screenshot/@Carlos Trejo)
Alfredo Adame suffers a spectacular fall during a fight. (Photo: Twitter screenshot/@Carlos Trejo)

On that occasion, the presenter also explained that he no longer wanted to continue in the controversy in which he was involved and chose to admit that he felt respect for Adame, although he did not leave aside the mention of the “bicycle kicks” and reiterated that he could never learn them.

“I couldn’t say if it was envy because… maybe it is envy because I never learned to do bicycle kicksbut I respect it”, he deepened in his speech with Come the joy weekends.


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Omar Chaparro mocked Alfredo Adame’s “bicycle kicks”