Oprah Winfrey: 11 Tips for Success

Success is a goal that from the individual or collective conception affects the thoughts of each person. For experts, a successful lifestyle, in which behaviors govern each future, must be linked to happiness considered as the path to reach the top.

In the philosophical field, Aristotle said that character is the result of behavior Therefore, if you want to improve this factor, you must take care of your actions.

In turn, in the world of entertainment and popularity, women have become representative and have asserted themselves for their thoughts and behaviors. One of the icons that many subjects follow, since the nineties, has been the multifaceted Oprah Gail Winfrey, an American who has had a successful career as a journalist, presenter, businesswoman, actress and other jobs.

Influencing in a way that is a motive for success is what Winfrey has tried to do with her life; In this way, his experience has allowed him to reap great triumphs that go beyond economic wealth and, on the contrary, compromise the essence of being autonomous and leading others.

Living success is acquiring what you really want, especially if the process fails, according to psychologists. Precisely, Oprah has shown that in failure lies the emergence of great triumphs and for this reason the Women of Business web portal shares the advice that the 68-year-old woman has expressed to society.

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How to achieve success?

While it is true that success is subjective, each individual has their own conception of it, sometimes having a person as an example could help achieve complete fulfillment. For many women and men, Oprah Winfrey is the figure to follow in relation to prosperity and daily motivation, so that, for the American, success depends on variables such as:

1. Not being afraid of failure: falling and getting up in the process is learning to handle any situation. Therefore, the day a person feels that everything is over, the direction of what follows is to start over. Failure tries to move us in another direction, says the presenter.

2. Loyalty to himself: It usually happens that people try to adjust to some actions or thoughts that other beings have in order to be accepted in society. However, that is a decision that does not contribute to success, the best thing is to be faithful to what is yours, original and unique without claiming to be someone who does not really represent the individual essence.

3. Each person is responsible for defining their life: commonly, there are beings that try to meddle in the lives of others and some do it in good faith, but others just want to notice the suffering of their partner. Indeed, you should not allow others to write about your own life and, as far as possible, carry out each action with disposition and dedication.

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4. Keep trying: Just because it goes wrong the first time doesn’t mean it will always be the same. For Oprah, you must try, fall and die, then get back up to continue.

5. Do not blame anyone: Sometimes people try to blame others for their failures. Nevertheless, behavioral experts say that’s a bad habit that blunts happiness. There is a current of energetic thought that establishes that all that is given is received and, in that sense, every intention has an effect.

6. Surround yourself with people with good vibes: Although being selective can generate misunderstandings, the best way to achieve success is to live with those who are on the same path of goals and objectives. People who want weeds should not be in any individual or collective life project.

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The support of close people, such as parents, can affect personal success, according to experts. – Photo: Getty Images

7. Give thanks always: an act as simple as saying thank you can affect personal success. “If you want to achieve all the goals of your life, you will have to start with the spirit”, Winfrey shares.

8. Create own luck: money is not synonymous with success, it can be the reward for a job that, possibly, did not generate any internal gain. To create luck, passion must prevail in each project and, in turn, be transmitted to others.

9. In life there are no secrets: With work and a lot of effort, everything can be possible. Excusing yourself or trying to justify your incapacity is only a mental obstacle. Passion is energy that stimulates, says the popular woman.

10. Do what you are passionate about: achieving success goes beyond having a good job and buying a house, it is a matter of attitude and perseverance to achieve each goal from one’s own taste and true passion.

11. Help as much as possible: In any situation, collaborating represents giving the hand that supports the success of others. “The greatest discovery of all time is that a person can change their future just by changing their attitude.”

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Oprah Winfrey: 11 Tips for Success