Pablo Motos talks about Will Smith after the punishment of the Academy: “Every time we have thinner skin”

In the world of television there are many programs that try to gain a foothold on the grid and finally end up leaving through the back door. This is not the case for ‘The Anthill’which has been on television for more than 16 years, changing from Cuatro to Antena 3, but with the same bases and the same presenter, Paul Motorcycles.

Requena’s presenter is usually one of the most commented personalities on social networks, although he himself assures that he has never read the criticism he may receive. Now, in the middle of the Easter holidays, he has given an interview to ‘Hello!’where he spoke precisely about those criticisms and about another of the great current issues, Will Smith’s slap in the face of Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscar Awards gala.

Will Smith’s Punishment

The host of the Antena 3 space already spoke about his friend’s slap at the time, but in his last interview, he wanted to delve into the subject: “What happened it is a misfortune that can happen to anyone who gets nervous. Those kinds of reactions are very fast. That is a misfortune, a mistake. He has already apologized and has left the Film Academy”.

Will Smith has been punished by the Academy with 10 years without being able to attend any event or program of the organization, including the Oscars. A measure that the actor himself has accepted: “I accept and respect the decision of the Academy.” However, for Pablo Motos, what comes after this punishment is already too much: “In my opinion, the punishment is already. The disproportionality of that later they cancel you seems horrible to me and I think we should make a society that is more like reality and less to the posture of looking good with people so that they are not offended”.

We have thinner skin and the media are less and less like reality, which says very little about the media”, added the presenter about his friend.

About the criticism you receive on social networks

Another of the topics that they have discussed in the interview is that of criticism through social networks, of which the presenter ignores. “I never google myself. Someone recommended it to me. I don’t remember who he was, but he told me: ‘Don’t read anything about yourself and you’ll be so much happier.’ And I did it and it works like a shot ”, she has started pointing out.

Regarding the networks, he has assured that he never gets into them: “I don’t look at the networks. Trust me, in my life I have entered Twitter. Never. Not even once. I know that there are people who are very aggressive towards me and I’m very sorry, because we don’t know each other. Even if we knew each other, they wouldn’t think the same. But I don’t live badly, because I don’t feel it. I lead a completely normal life.”

And it is that he considers that his success does not come from the networks, but from the audiences: “The demands of what I do well or badly are given to me by the minute by minute of the audience and my team, which is very hard. But I don’t see anything else. I don’t think someone would watch TV because they hate one person every night, because they would be sick.”, added Motorcycles.

“Later I have a team of Taliban that does not forgive me once. And we have a very brutal system to avoid making mistakes. Although I also tell you that I am getting older and I am starting to do what I want, ”he concluded.

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Pablo Motos talks about Will Smith after the punishment of the Academy: “Every time we have thinner skin”