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Before her love story with Christian Domínguez, He was making his first steps in the world of entertainment with his relationship with Marco ‘Chemo’ Ruiz, when he was a member of the group ‘Alma Bella’. In this note we collect details of that brief relationship that the footballer had with the singer.

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In the middle of 2015, The romance of Pamela Franco and Chemo Ruiz began to be made public in entertainment. Although both distilled happiness in their photos, the image of Dorita Orbegoso was always in the shade.

Despite the good times they faced, Pamela Franco and ‘Chemo’ Ruiz’s relationship fell apart in October 2015 when

“They had messages where they remembered their past life, calls too. They never saw each other, but they spoke many times.commented Pamela Franco in the disappeared program ‘Al aire’.

Pamela Franco:
Pamela Franco: “Chemo Ruiz pulled my hair.”


Pamela Franco decided to give it a new opportunity with Chemo Ruiz.she revealed that all her problems were in the past and even indicated that she wanted to have a child with him.

“Before being in love we have been friends, I know what kind of person he is”, commented Pamela Franco. Chemo Ruiz, for his part, denied that he had been unfaithful to the young dancer.

“I never (was unfaithful). I am never going to mess with someone while I am convinced of what I feel, “added Chemo Ruiz in statements to Trome.

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In May 2016, Pamela Franco revealed that her still partner This was the trigger for the romance to come to an end.

“What happens is that Chemo Ruiz It is not good, because nobody is attacked. It has already been shown as it is, I can only say that I am no longer with him. I don’t want to know anything about him anymore, I don’t want him in my life. He wanted to talk, but I can’t do it with someone who attacks me, pulls my hair, who throws the door at me. How am I going to converse with an aggressive person! With a demon”Franco maintained in ‘Hello to Everyone’, at that time.

No to violence!  Pamela Franco denounces "chemo" Ruiz for assault
No to violence! Pamela Franco denounces “Chemo” Ruiz for aggression

The police report details that Pamela Franco leave the home you shared with Chemo Ruizfor having suffered physical violence, struggle and for incompatibility of characters.

Behind this, “Chemo” Ruiz He replied that the complaint was not as the Agua Bella singer told it. The player took the blame on him for his violent response and was seen to be remorseful.


Currently, Pamela Franco maintains a solid relationship with Christian Domínguez with whom she has a 1-year-old daughter. In addition, the dancer herself confesses that she already has marriage plans with the singer of La Gran Orquesta.

Marco ‘Chemo’ Ruiz appeared in The value of truth with his ex-partner Mónica Cabrejos and stays away from the world of entertainment.


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Pamela Franco and ‘Chemo’ Ruiz: what happened to the couple and why they ended | entertainment stories