Pampita made a forceful decision after a problem with a mother from her children’s school

Carolina Pampita Ardohain
Carolina Pampita Ardohain

Although she is one of the most famous women in Argentina and on her Instagram account she has more than seven million followers, paradoxically Pampita is very jealous of her privacy and especially that of her children, whom he protects from the cameras and from whom he posts little or nothing. It is that in parallel the conductor of The Hotel of the Famous He has a private account on his networks where he shares much more intimate moments and to which only some family and close friends have access.

Nevertheless, In recent days there was a leak of a private image that she had shared in the aforementioned account, so she decided to further close access to its posts. Invited to Intruders, the journalist Paula Galloni, who was a panelist on the Ardohain program on Net, told: Now he restricted her a lot because there was a mom from school who shared a photo that was of the family at an event”.

The photo would be, according to what they said, one in which Benjamín Vicuña was. From the episode with the mother of a classmate of his children, they did not say if it was Bautista, Beltrán or Benicio, the model began to delete people from the Instagram account @ pampitaoficial1 where she has no more than 615 followers, among which are Jimena Barón, Chano Moreno Charpentier and Verónica Ojeda, among the famous. There she has more than 5,700 publications, most of them with her children as protagonists.

In recent days, Carolina changed roles and He left the leadership of El Hotel de los Famosos for a while to be a guest for a day. What caught her attention the most was that she did not do it alone, but that she was accompanied by her daughter Ana García Moritán, who is about to turn a year old. Mother and daughter ate at the hotel, relaxed and slept in the suite.

“Let’s meet The Hotel of the Famous. we’re finally going in”, she celebrated with her daughter in her arms, is that as a guest, she was able to access certain places that as a driver with the Chinese Leunis, could not. Lissa Vera, Locho Loccisiano, Walter Quejeiro, Martin Salwe and Alex Caniggia They welcomed them, especially the baby, whom they greeted affectionately and sang Piñón Fijo songs to her.

Pampita and Ana, were guests at The Hotel of the Famous

“Now we are equal to equal and I love it, because I always saw them from the outside. Ana comes every day, she learned to walk here in the hotel gardens and she always sees you from afar”Carolina commented and advanced them: “Tomorrow I want to relax so I’ll give it to Anita.”

It was then that he began to inquire about whether the participants would like to be parents and was surprised by Caniggia’s response. “Yes, of many, whenever.” She then wanted to know if she was talking about the present and he said yes: “I would love to. Carlita, get ready because we are going to have many babies”.

At dinner time, one of the things that Pampita liked the most was the silence: “There is no music, there is no TV. I would love to be without a cell phone, but I would have to have my children nearby, otherwise it gives me an impression. During the meal, he also said that he would love to have a woman in the final and looking at Lissa, he joked: “I don’t want to put pressure on you.”

In the middle of the relaxed chat, before they realized it, Anita had not only finished eating, but there was a “Broccoli Kandinsky”, as Lissa humorously described. It was then that the driver began to clean what had fallen and she did not let the contestants do it. When bedtime arrived, they both went to the master suite, where they shared a bed.


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Pampita made a forceful decision after a problem with a mother from her children’s school