Pauline Ducruet, the atypical life of Estefania’s true heiress

Pauline Ducruet celebrates his twenty-eighth birthday this Wednesday. the eldest daughter of Stephanie of Monaco She has found her true vocation in the world of fashion, and love next to the businessman Maxime Giaccardi, with whom, at the moment, it seems that she has no wedding plans.

the niece of Albert of Monaco He has had a peculiar life. Despite being the daughter of a princess, she does not have a title and, furthermore, her trajectory to this day has been more ‘ordinary’. Almost thirty years marked by official acts -without a leading role- and the occurrences of her mother, whom she has defined as the ‘rebellious princess’.

Pauline Ducruet
Pauline Ducruet at a photocall. / Gtres

The very history of Pauline’s parents has been surrounded by controversy. Stephanie and Daniel Ducruet They started dating in 1992 – a time when Ducruet’s girlfriend was pregnant – and although they had Louis shortly after, they did not marry until 1995, when Pauline was already born. The divorce was not long in coming, given that the same year some images of Ducruet with a former Miss were made public, which caused a notorious scandal and the consequent breakup.

A few years later, in 1998, the youngest of the family was born, Camille, the result of a brief romance between the Princess and the former Palace security chief. However, perhaps the most fascinating stage of her life took place when Estefanía fell in love with the circus impresario Franco Knie, in the early 2000s. A time when the Princess and her children were living in caravans and surrounded by animals: “it was a moment of pure freedom”, said Pauline herself.

Pauline Ducruet
Pauline Ducruet with her mother and sister. /Gthree

The circus environment has marked the young woman, moreover, she became a specialist in trampoline jumps and participated in some important championships, such as the Youth Olympic Games that were held in 2010 in Singapore.

Unlike her little sister, whom many see as the true heir to the glamor of Grace KellyPauline has more connections with Princess Stephanie, whom she considers her mother, but also her best friend.

She has been able to carry out some of the dreams of youth of the sister of Albert of Monaco -who also made her first steps in the world of fashion-, who has always been classified as a rebellious princess and has been allowed more things, perhaps due to the complicated situation she went through as a result of the death of her mother.

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Pauline Ducruet in a Dior act. / Gtres

In fact, she herself has declared that the Princess Estefania is her ‘rock’ and his best example: “I have seen my mother get ready for galas, with long dresses and diamonds, and the next day take us to school with ripped jeans and huge boots”, she declared some time ago. Details that have had a clear influence on his collections, in which the combination of luxury with everyday life is clearly appreciated. Estefania herself has worn her daughter’s models on several occasions. What’s more, Pauline assures that both she and her grandmother, Grace Kelly, have had a clear influence on her collections: “my mother is a strong woman who expresses herself through fashion, and so was my grandmother. The two have been style icons for her time and they said loud and clear what they thought, ”she has assured.

Despite the fact that at the moment she is one of the most independent figures in the family, she continues to keep her ties alive with the Grimaldi. We see her on many occasions in the company of her mother and her brothers, and even Prince Albert, especially before the return of Princess Charlene.

Fashion designer

Last year, the young woman gave an interview to the British newspaper The Telegraph in which he spoke about his projects and his aspirations. Some statements that coincided with the release of his second collection of the brand Alter Designs, its most important initiative. A firm in which Pauline is fully committed and that she bets on genderless garments whose prices range from 300 to 800 euros.

Pauline Ducruet
Pauline Ducruet with some models. /Gthree

Pauline has made it clear that her involvement in the world of fashion is by no means a whim. When she turned eighteen she left home to study at the Marangoni Institute in Paris and at Parsons in New York. She later became a fellow for the North American edition of the magazine fashion and also passed through Louis Vuitton. It was precisely during practices in fashion when she understood that she did not want to focus on the world of fashion journalism, but wanted to work as a designer, although she was also aware of the difficulties: “Louis Vuitton taught me a lot about the fashion industry, especially that not everything is glitter and glamor. I learned that it is a really tough industry that takes your soul, your sweat and your tears. But after that I knew I wanted to design,” she told the British newspaper.

A wish for the princess

Although Pauline Ducruet has been in a stable relationship with Maxime Giaccardi, it seems that the couple does not dare to go one step further. There is no confirmation of a possible wedding, nor of a desire to be a mother. A detail that would surely make the princess Stephanie, who has had to see how her sister already has several grandchildren and she still hasn’t made her debut as a grandmother. Meanwhile, she will always have her little nephews, with whom we have seen her over time get rid of details and gestures of affection.

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Pauline Ducruet, the atypical life of Estefania’s true heiress