Police arrest the eldest son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán: they accuse him of wanting to “escape”

Eduardo Capetillo Jr. He was arrested by Mexico City police while he was driving through the streets of that city.

The eldest son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán He was traveling on his motorcycle allegedly speeding. Apparently, elements of the police ordered him to stop, but allegedly he refused and tried to go on the runaccused the authority.

Why was the son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán arrested?

The events were known through a live broadcast that Eduardo Capetillo Jr. himself, 27, made from his Instagram account and where he narrated part of the events.

There is a moment when the transmission stops running and the video record was not recorded in your account. However, various media such as the Las Estrellas portal do have it registered.

The events occurred on the morning of this Tuesday, March 15, when the young was driving along Paseo de la Reforma avenueat the height of the Angel of Independence.

Elements that supposedly belonged to the auxiliary body arrested him for driving at excessive speed, without a license plate and for invading another lane.

can’t stop me here, officer. You are not a Traffic (Police) and you cannot stop me here,” the son of Capetillo and Gaytán is heard saying.

According to him, it was the same officers who “they were closed” and that forced him to invade the lane intended for the circulation of the Metrobús, something that is prohibited for individuals.

In the middle of the discussion, one of the policemen accused him of wanting to “run away”, something that Capetillo Jr. refuted.

“I’m not running away”he said and requested the presence of traffic security elements.

Son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán accuses “illegal” detention

After alleging that he was not trying to flee, Eduardo Capetillo Jr. insisted that it was the police who forced him to invade the other road.

“You were closed to me, you can’t stop me. They can’t stop me because you’re not Transit, “she claimed.

I ask for support from the Mayor’s Office because you can’t stop me. I am here in (Paseo de la) Reforma, some police officers are stopping me illegally, “she said.

Later, Biby Gaytán’s son warned the police that he would speak to the “Internal Affairs” office to claim that the arrest was not appropriate.

The matter escalated to a point where Capetillo Jr. accused the authority of theft: ” I’m being muggedYou have to respect the law a little bit. Please don’t touch my bike,” he told the other element.

It is observed that the policemen explain to him that he is not detained, but the motorcycle is. They questioned him for not bringing license plates and asked him to show the relevant documents.

But Eduardo Capetillo Jr. mentioned that the plate had “fallen”, reason enough to proceed with the arrest.

“From the entrance of the Zoo (of Chapultepec) until here there was the need to follow you because you don’t have a bit of respectOne of the officers told him.

“What they want is money. You can’t stop me,” the young man repeated. Then the ‘live’ cuts out and he is never heard from again.

Until the morning of this Wednesday, March 16, none of the members of the Capetillo Gaytán family had made any statement regarding these events. The current legal situation of the young man or where he is is unknown.


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Police arrest the eldest son of Eduardo Capetillo and Biby Gaytán: they accuse him of wanting to “escape”