Prince William and the hug that has gone around the world

As part of the festivities surrounding the Platinum Jubilee of the Queen Isabelthe prince william and the Duchess of Cambridge -Kate Middleton- are visiting Scotland. After the Duke experienced a historic moment attending opening of parliament for the first time, accompanying their father in the absence of the monarch due to medical necessity, William and Kate headed to Scotland where they have appeared in almost all their commitments as a couple, except this morning when the Prince went alone to the Heart of Midlothian Football Club, in Edinburgh. Although on these visits, William usually leaves all the prominence to his wife, who is usually very good when it comes to public appearances thanks to her closeness to people, this time, it was the Prince who has stolen all the covers and this thanks to a photograph that portrayed the second in line of succession breaking protocol for the most tender reason.



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The moment occurred when the couple was expected by a large number of people in Kennishead, Glasgow. Taking the time to thank them for their love, the Duke and Duchess greeted the public. Apparently, on a more relaxed day than usually happens in these cases, William and Kate not only posed for selfies -something that they traditionally did not use to do for reasons of protocol, but which increasingly happens in this type of meeting-, but even a fun Kate helped some kids who were doing a crossword puzzle and had a question about the Queen. But if all these images were endearing, the one that went around the world and went viral in a matter of minutes was one of William.

Leaving security protocol aside, the Prince affectionately hugged William Burns, 66, who was totally moved to meet the Duke and Duchess. With a big smile on his face, William took the man in his arms, who was emotionally crying at this moment that will surely be unforgettable. Although these types of interactions are traditionally not seen among royals, who adhere faithfully to security protocols, and William is usually very reserved when in public, this facet of his personality has resonated with many. And it is that the image has been widely compared with some that her mother starred in in life, as it is well known that Princess Diana used to be very close and affectionate with people, so on a couple of occasions she was seen in the same situation than his firstborn.

A day after the viral image was captured, Mr. Burns has spoken with the Dailymail on the moment that moved him so much: “I’m a grandfather. It felt like a father hugging a son. It was the way he hugged me. I didn’t expect him to be so honest.”


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Curiously, although in the public eye, William is usually more sober and reserved than his wife and even than his brother, some stories show that in private the Prince bears an enormous resemblance to his mother when it comes to personal treatment.

Recently, in a preview of Tina Brown’s book The Palace Papers published by the Dailymail, she highlighted an anecdote that William had during a visit with his wife to East Anglia’s Children Hospices. When the Prince found out that one of the girls couldn’t meet them because she wasn’t feeling well, he asked for a pot of tea and a tray, and personally went to play her room so he could visit her and cheer her up a bit. This anecdote resonates with the visit that the Duke and Duchess made to a school in Glasgow where a nice girl approached William, telling him that her name was Olivia and completely stealing her attention during her encounter. These types of situations seem to be repeated in private, without the future monarch making much noise around him, letting these types of issues stay away from the spotlight.


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Prince William and the hug that has gone around the world